The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Presents: Everything You Need To Know

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Finding the right gift for someone always feels like a challenge, but weddings add another layer of pressure. You must get the couple something they’ll cherish because their wedding is an extra special event. Read this guide to wedding presents to learn how to pick the best gift for anyone getting married this year.

Etiquette Guide to Wedding Presents

You can get someone any gift for their birthday, but weddings come with some gift-giving expectations. These are the most important etiquette aspects to keep in mind before you begin shopping.

1. Check the Registry

Research shows that 84% of couples make a registry for their wedding. Depending on how they reach out to guests, it may be a link on their wedding website or an invitation. Their registry will have specific things they need or want. Always comb through their registry listings to see if you have room in your budget for one of the things the couple really wants.

2. Stick With the Couple’s Interests

You can also get someone a gift that aligns with their biggest passions or interests. Think about the couple’s shared or individual hobbies. If the groom wears cufflinks to work or when he takes his fiance on dates, finding unique cufflinks would be a sweet gesture as his wedding guest.

3. Join a Group Gift

People sometimes reach out to each other after they receive invitations to the same wedding. It’s easier to afford more costly items on a couple’s registry by making it a group gift.

Consider if you’re part of the groom’s college fraternity and multiple members are going together. Maybe you’re one of the many cousins attending the upcoming wedding. Ask other people in your group to chip in. Everyone can solve their wedding gift search and the couple will get exactly what they want.

Popular Wedding Present Ideas

Whether you want to find something unique or a couple doesn’t make a registry, check out these popular wedding gift ideas to get inspired for your present.

1. Personalized Cutting Board

Cutting boards are one of the few things people keep for years. Couples need them to prep meals and even make special pet treats for their four-legged family members.

Go all out by ordering a personalized cutting board for your engaged friends. They’ll love chopping ingredients on a board that features their wedding date, shared last name or a phrase from their wedding vows.

2. Tumbler Mug Set

Couples who love spending time outdoors might enjoy a matching tumbler set celebrating their marriage. The tumblers will keep their drinks cool while camping, hiking or biking along trails. They can also keep their cocktails cold in matching tumblers while lounging in the pool on their honeymoon.

3. Charcuterie Board Set

Charcuterie boards make great gifts for couples. They can cover them in their favorite foods, desserts or snacks for a romantic night at home. They might also use a charcuterie board to serve appetizers at parties. Order one with their wedding date or last name to celebrate their wedding with a gift they’ll use for years.

4. BBQ Grilling Kit

Grills are another focal point for many parties. Newly married couples can use their grill to invite friends to their new home or make food for anniversary events. You could give them a grilling kit designed for numerous recipes so they have a lifetime of grilled meals ahead.

5. Ring Dish Tray

Newly married people sometimes wear their rings day and night because they’re romantic new accessories. However, they’ll eventually need to remove them. Whether they need to handle raw meats while making dinner or clean the bathroom with abrasive cleaning solutions, married couples need to place their rings somewhere safe.

Giving someone a ring dish tray might seem like a small effort, but it can mean so much. The couple will always have a designated place for their rings. They’ll rarely misplace their bands because they’ll always know to look in their ring dish.

6. Personalized Wedding Candle

There’s something so romantic about a candle flickering on a dinner table or fireplace mantle. Give your married couple a personalized candle they can enjoy after their honeymoon. The label could have their name, wedding date, wedding hashtag or the address of their first home together. You’ll help them create a romantic atmosphere and possibly introduce them to their new favorite scent.

7. Scratch-Off Date Night Poster

Getting married doesn’t mean you stop dating your partner. It just reserves your date time for your spouse. Encourage your favorite couple to make new memories in their married life with a scratch-off date night poster that suggests different ideas behind hidden silver surfaces.

They’ll have fun discussing their options even if they don’t do every date idea on the poster. Their newly married life will never have a boring night when a new adventure awaits them on their wall.

How to Wrap Wedding Gifts

You can always order a wedding present and send it automatically to the address listed on the couple’s registry. That might be easiest, but it also skips the process of wrapping your gift.

Consider ordering or buying your present and bringing it home to wrap. You can collect various materials to make your present look special, like:

  • Wrapping paper
  • Bags
  • Boxes 
  • Bows
  • Ribbons

Depending on the gift’s size and weight, some wrapping materials might be more ideal than others. You can’t use wrapping paper for a set of mountain bikes, but you could put giant bows on the handlebars and set them up at the venue for a surprise reveal.

The time and thought you put into wrapping your wedding presents will be immediately evident to anyone who sees your gifts. Have fun making them look incredible before shipping them to the venue or traveling with them for the big day.

Find the Ultimate Wedding Present

There’s no need to worry after finding a wedding invitation in your inbox. Use this guide to wedding presents to find the perfect gift. You’ll pick something the couple will love and confidently prepare it for their wedding day.

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