Top 5 Bluetooth Projectors for Your Next Movie Night

Sitting outside watching Netflix on a projector.

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One increasingly popular gadget for both casual viewers and dedicated movie buffs is a Bluetooth projector. Owning a small Bluetooth projector allows you to host entertaining movie nights from just about anywhere. As long as you have a portable projector, a Bluetooth-compatible device, a projector screen or a blank wall, you’re set!

Bluetooth projectors come in various sizes and designs and some are better than others. Projectors also sell for different prices, so you’ll be able to find one that suits your budget. If you’re interested in buying a Bluetooth projector, consider one of the options below.

1. FANGOR F506 WiFi Projector

The FANGOR F506 WiFi Projector is a solid choice to use in your home or outdoors. Some key features include Bluetooth connectivity, HiFi stereo speakers, a maximum 230″ screen, native 1920 x 1080 resolution and WiFi screen mirroring. It also comes with a handy carrying case to take on the go.

Using the projector in a dark space is highly recommended to get the best picture possible. Consider buying this projector and host a spooky outdoor movie night this Halloween with a date, a group of friends or your family members.

2. Core Innovations HD Portable LCD Home Theater Projector

This Bluetooth-compatible portable projector is another potential option for your entertainment needs. You can stream and project various types of content, such as movies, videos, photos or games, in up to 1080p resolution. 

It has an adjustable screen size, two built-in stereo speakers, a remote controller, two HDMI inputs and a rechargeable battery. It weighs less than five pounds and is one of the more budget-friendly options.

3. Anker Nebula Apollo

Anker is a popular consumer electronics brand with various products, including Bluetooth speakers, chargers, power stations, portable projectors and more. The Anker Nebula Apollo is a WiFi mini projector with seamless touch controls, crystal clear picture quality and a brightness of 200 lumens.

Out of 1,104 ratings on Amazon, the Anker Nebula Apollo projector receives 4.5 out of 5 stars. If you buy this projector, you can also download the Nebula Connect app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store to control it right from your smartphone.

4. The Freestyle by Samsung

Samsung is a household name, with a range of advanced smart home products like smart TVs, smartphones, digital cameras, laptops, home appliances and more. It also offers projectors for customers, including The Freestyle.This projector is lightweight, portable and has a 180-degree design, allowing you to point it in whichever direction you want and enjoy a true big screen experience. 

Other key features include auto-focus, 360-degree sound and built-in Amazon Alexa capabilities. You can also buy various accessories, such as a battery base, carrying case and different colored sleeves to suit your style. 

5. KODAK Luma 350 Portable Smart Projector

The last projector you should consider buying is the KODAK Luma 350 projector. This projector uses Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology to display HD videos and images with stunning color and LED-lumen brightness. It has a maximum display of 150 inches, Bluetooth capabilities and works across all smart devices.

The KODAK Luma also has its own Android and iOS interfaces, which you can access directly on the projector itself. You can browse the internet, download apps and view other content on the device. You can also connect your Apple or Android smartphone and download the Luma App to get the most out of the projector.

Use a Bluetooth Projector for Better Viewing Experiences

If you want to take your streaming to the next level, consider buying one of the Bluetooth projectors on the list above. Bluetooth projectors are worthwhile investments because new TV shows and movies are constantly being released, so you’ll never run out of content to watch! 

These projectors range in price and design, so be sure to choose one that fits your budget and style preferences. Happy viewing!

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