8 Truth or Drink Questions Couples Can Ask

Man and woman drinking a beer.

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Have you ever seen the show Hot Ones? It’s a show from Complex where host Sean Evans interviews celebrities while eating hot wings. With each piece of chicken, the sauces and the questions get spicier. Here at Modded, we’ve devised a similar game of truth or drink questions couples can play together.

In this modded version of the game, couples ask each other questions. If one refuses to answer, they have to take a drink. This list of eight questions is a sample list where the interrogation starts with easy ones. In true Hot Ones fashion, the game gets more difficult as it progresses. The person with the most questions answered truthfully wins. 

1. Did You Ever Cheat in School?

This question is easy because it doesn’t pertain to relationships, but it’s still juicy enough to put your partner in a stir. In grade school and college, many students cheat. In fact, it’s much more common than you think. About 60% of college students admitted to cheating, and 95% of high schoolers admitted to it in some fashion. Chances are your significant other did, so put them on the spot. 

2. Who’s Your Celebrity Crush?

Celebrity crushes are an interesting phenomenon. You don’t know them personally, but you’re fascinated with a musician, actor, athlete or another public figure. Ask your partner who their celebrity crush is. This question can be good for new couples still getting to know each other. Finding out their celebrity crush can give you a glimpse of their other interests, such as their taste in music, movies and other media.  

3. What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?

What’s your guilty pleasure, something you like to do when you’re alone? Most people have at least one. It could be looking at million-dollar homes on Zillow, buying flowers for yourself, playing a game on your phone, binging reality TV shows and more. These guilty pleasures are nothing to be ashamed of because they show who you are and what you like. But your partner may want to take a drink instead of answering.  

4. What’s Your Most Embarrassing Memory?

There are some secrets you say you’ll take to the grave instead of telling your partner. What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you? Did you address an ex by the wrong name? Did you drink too much at a party one night? This question may force you to take a drink. You can tell them the truth eventually, but tonight is not the occasion.  

5. When Was Your First Kiss?

If they weren’t spicy before, the questions are about to heat up now. Ask your partner about their first kiss. Their answer may also qualify as an embarrassing memory, but this is a good question if you want to delve into each other’s past. It could’ve happened behind the bleachers at a football game or a movie theater. Or it hasn’t happened yet!

6. What’s Your Worst Tinder Experience?

Dating apps have become more popular over the years. Experts project the number of dating app users in the United States to eclipse 50 million in 2022 and reach 53 million by 2024. The odds are good that you and your partner have used Tinder, Bumble, Hinge or another app. What’s your worst experience? Did you get stood up, or was the date incredibly annoying? Spill the beans or take a sip.   

7. What’s Something I Do That Annoys You?

You’ll walk into dangerous territory with these last few questions, so proceed cautiously. Some call alcohol a truth serum, a way to get honest answers to burning questions. You’ll ask questions about the relationship in the game’s final stretch. What is one thing your partner does that annoys you? It could be an annoying singing voice, leaving the toilet seat up, snoring loudly at night or another ick. 

8. Can I Go Through Your Phone?

The age-old test of modern relationships. Would you let your partner look through your phone? Even if you’re not cheating, this question can be sensitive. You may have private notes you don’t want anybody to see or unfinished stories you’re writing. Or, they may find your messages to LeBron wishing him a good game tonight. 

Truth or Drink Questions Couples Will Love and Hate

Truth or drink is a classic game that puts people in awkward circumstances. This modified game of Hot Ones would be an excellent game night idea for you and your significant other. Ensure your drink is something you enjoy because you may be taking a lot of swigs tonight.

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