8 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine's Day date.

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Winter is here, which means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Well, almost. But if you’re the guy who frequently forgets about V-Day or waits until the last second to buy a card, now’s the time to start thinking about some Valentine’s day date ideas for this oft-overlooked holiday. 

Make your partner feel extra special by planning a date well in advance. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or over-the-top to impress your boo. As long as the idea is thoughtful and fun, you’ll both enjoy the day and feel even more connected afterward. 

1. Go on a Take-Out Tour 

Are you and your SO avid foodies? Don’t limit yourself to just one meal this Valentine’s Day. Enjoy an entire feast or spend the day snacking with a take-out tour. Hit up all your favorite restaurants or try a bunch of new ones. Pick up a dish at each one, bring it home and dig in. Make this idea extra meaningful by ordering the same food you enjoyed on your first date, honeymoon or another special occasion. 

2. Play Some Games

If you want to stay home but don’t want to revert to Netflix and chill, try planning a game night. Relive your childhood with Twister and Trouble or spice things up with a round of strip poker. There are plenty of sexy games made specifically for couples. However, if you’d rather keep your clothes on until evening, get to know each other with card games like Love Language, Never Have I Ever and Wavelength. 

3. Build a Bonfire

Maybe you live somewhere that’s perennially warm or you’ve been blessed with a particularly temperate February. In this case, a bonfire is in order. Take advantage of the nice weather by building a fire in your fireplace or the backyard firepit. Roast marshmallows, make tasty hobo pies and create a relaxing atmosphere with tiki torches. Snuggle up beside the fire to keep warm and create some sparks between you two as well.  

4. Plan a Spa Night 

Sure you could book massages at your local spa, but getting a massage from a stranger isn’t nearly as romantic as getting one from your partner. Communicate your appreciation for your SO using your hands. Light a few candles, stock up on the massage oil and pour yourselves some wine. Put on some mood music to set the tone and carry you into the rest of the evening. 

5. Mix Things Up

Instead of going out for drinks, make your own delicious concoctions at home. Mix things up with a virtual or in-person cocktail class. Learn how to measure, pour, muddle, strain and shake up the most delicious beverages. The best part is you don’t have to pay for an Uber or cab ride home because you’re already there! Do a quick Google search to find a class in your area and get shakin’.

6. Break a Sweat 

If you and your partner like to stay active year-round, winter sports are great Valentine’s Day date ideas. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the great outdoors! Lace up those ice skates and hit your local rink or go strap on skis and tackle the bunny hill. Want to stay close to home? Try sledding, making a snowman or engaging in a good old-fashioned snowball fight. Then, go home and sip some hot cocoa to warm back up.

7. Book a Staycation 

Thanks to covid and the infamous Delta variant, overseas vacations might be out of the question this year. However, you can still scratch that travel itch by taking a staycation in your hometown. Book a stay at a fancy hotel, order room service and soak in the hot tub. Act like tourists and go sightseeing or visit your favorite spot in the city — wherever that may be. You can even plan or daydream about your next real vacation.

8. Take a Dance Class

Feeling adventurous? Try taking a dance class. Even if you have two left feet – or your partner does — you’re bound to have fun. Learn to waltz, salsa or even pole dance; the choice is yours. Regardless of which style you choose, all the touching and eye contact will help you channel your sexy alter-egos and add a dash of romance to your V-Day.

Make It You

Whatever you do, make it you. Customize these Valentine’s Day date ideas to create a date that piques both of your interests and represents your relationship in a meaningful way. Think outside the box and get creative. As long as you add a dash of adventure and an ounce of romance, your V-Day will be fin, intimate and memorable. 

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