What Does Beard Oil Actually Do?

Back of the head of a man with a beard.

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Do you have a scraggly and scruffy beard, or does your partner complain about scratchy kisses? Many men love the sharp, bold look of a beard, but the hair can quickly become unkempt or uncomfortable. 

Say hello to your new best friend: beard oil. Discover what beard oil actually does and how to implement its powers into your skin and haircare routine. The mirror, and your partner, will thank you. 

What Does Beard Oil Do?

Beard oil is essentially a conditioner for facial hair. For hair on our heads, conditioner is the sidekick to shampoo’s cleansing properties. By reducing friction in individual hair strands, the conditioner ensures a moisturized scalp and head of hair. 

Unlike the hair on our heads, facial hair is rougher and tougher to manage. Think about your daily beard care routine and how using gels or shaping takes longer than the quick brush across your scalp. 

Beard oil is the specialized conditioner for your beard care routine. Its properties moisturize and soften the hair so that you can more easily brush and sculpt. 

It can also improve the skin underneath the hair around your chin, nose and neck. Because those areas are tough to reach, beard oil provides some much-needed tender loving care (TLC) to these hidden patches. This can ward off beard dandruff and itchiness.

Many beard oils also come packed with fresh, stylized scents that can even replace cologne. Save some money and add these fragrant oils to your routine. 

Now when someone asks “what does beard oil do,” you can understand how it tames, softens, shines, and moisturizes your beard. 

What Is Inside Beard Oil?

These moisturizing agents come equipped with 2 bases: carrier oil and essential oils. Carrier oil is a base oil that “carries” essential oils and other important ingredients to the skin for smooth application. They can be vegetable oils like sunflower seed, coconut, jojoba or argan oil. 

Essential oils are included to aid specific needs in the skin and add a healthy dose of delightful scents. For example, those with acne-prone skin will want to choose anti-inflammatory options like tea tree oil, thyme, cinnamon and rosemary. For those with dryer skin, lavender can aid moisture absorption. 

As with all new skin and hair care products, read all ingredients carefully to avoid allergic reactions. If you notice an increased redness and itching after application, wash your face with cold water and take allergy medications. Refrain from using other products to let your skin heal and return to its natural state. 

If you live with a collection of topical allergies, there are beard oils made without essential oils. 

How Do I Apply This Mixture?

You may use beard oil every day or every other day. If your beard needs some extra TLC and moisturization, consider using it every day. The application should begin when the beard is damp but not soaked. This could be shortly after a shower or morning facial cleanse. 

After your cleansing and a short drying time, place 3-5 drops of beard oil into a clean palm. Rub your hands together and massage gently into your beard. Make sure the mixture is spread evenly and to all layers of the hair. Some men use a short comb to help spread and smooth down their hair. 

Now you are free to style your beard as you please. In these short steps, you can find silky, soft and attractive facial hair. 

Recipe for Homemade Beard Oil

Are you interested in saving some cash and personalizing your beard care experience? Try this simple recipe for homemade beard oil. 

Gather a small bottle equipped with a dropper, 2 more droppers, 2 tablespoons of carrier oil and 3-10 drops of essential oil. Consider argan, jojoba or sunflower oil for your carrier oils. Cinnamon, peppermint and clove are 2 anti-inflammatory essential oils, while bay laurel and orange are antioxidants. Some scents can be calming as well, such as orange and lavender. 

Don’t be afraid to mix carrier oils and essential oils, either. However, be wary of using too many drops of essential oils as their scents are strong. 

Simply use separate droppers to mix the 2bs of carrier oil and at least 2 drops of essential oils into the bottle and stir until combined. Store your mixture at room temperature and monitor for freshness. If it changes color or scent, you should discard it. Otherwise, this beard oil could last 3 years. 

Update Your Haircare Routine

In a few shockingly-short steps, you can find a lush, full beard at the end of your chin. Impress your friends and partners while also maintaining proper skin and hair care today with the incredible benefits of beard oil. 

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