17 Mountain Biking Accessories to Delight Athletes (or You!) This Holiday Season

Mountain biking on a snowy mountain

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The holidays are fast approaching, and conscientious folks who like to dot their I’s and T’s have already begun shopping. If you love an athlete, heave a sigh of relief. We have you covered with the hottest mountain biking accessories sure to delight the folks on your list. 

What should you get for the 2-wheeled crew? Here are 17 mountain biking accessories to delight the aficionados you shop for — including yourself if you love hitting the trail. 

1. TOOLITIN Bike Frame Front Bag With Water Bottle and Phone Holder 

“Ding!” While starting your ride, you get a text alert. Sighing, you interrupt your departure — again — just in case it’s a work-related message you can’t miss. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see your screen? Now you can. This bag provides handy storage for your keys and credit card while mounting your phone right on your handlebars for an easy glance at alerts. 

2. Victagen Bike Lights 5000 Lumens 

Even if the cold bothers you less than Disney’s “Elsa,” the prospect of commuting in the dark has many bikers switching to their cars far too early in the season. Make night rides safe and fun with this 5000 lumens bike lamp, as bright as your standard car headlight. Illuminate the road ahead and let passing traffic see you. 

3. SLAPPACK Bike Tools Strap

Few things ruin a beautiful day on the trail like a flat. Although many popular tourist locations now feature fixit kits at the trailhead, they hardly help when you’re 20 miles into the wilderness. Carry what you need with this bike tools kit that hitches to your ride with a convenient strap. It comes with an 8-part multitool, CO2 cartridge and inflator to keep you rolling even after you accidentally run over a thorny prickly pear leaf. 

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4. FOOKER MTB Flat Bike Replacement Pedals

Strapping your feet in is great for road races when the need for speed supersedes all else. However, you sometimes need a quick dismount in the wild, and rolling down a cliff with a bike attached to you can lead to further injury. If you prefer to keep your lower digits free, replace your pedals with these models. The cleats provide ample traction, and the fashion colors let you match your gear to your ride. 

5. Rhinowalk Bike Bag/Pannier Bag Set

If you use your mountain bike for errands, thank you. You’re doing the planet a huge solid in emissions savings while enjoying your favorite sport between chores. However, you need a way to carry your packages home. This supersized saddle-and-pannier bag set gives you room for a whole week’s worth of groceries or bulkier items like new helmets. 

6. ROCKBROS Bike Triangle Frame Bag

Take a tip from folks who have switched to e-bikes: They’re great transportation, but space is at a premium. Make full use of all of your available real estate with this triangle frame bag that makes good use of the gap between the upper and lower bars. Those who use their rides to commute can never have too many of these mountain bike accessories.

7. CyclingDeal Ergonomic Mountain Bike Grips 

What happens if you develop arthritis or carpal tunnel from your keyboard warrior work, affecting your riding fun? You can still get a firm grip on your handlebars by upgrading to these ergonomic models. The curved end design keeps your palms from slip-sliding off the ends when you get sweaty, and the soft rubber is kind to your joints. 

8.  Mechanix Wear M-Pact Touchscreen Capable Tactical Gloves

Knit gloves don’t keep out the wind chill when you’re cruising at 28 miles per hour. You need something tough. These tactical gloves are soft and flexible enough for riding while being strong enough to keep your digits toasty. They’re also touchscreen-compatible to facilitate phone use. 

9. Demon Enduro Mountain Bike Knee Pads 

Crashing hard on a rock can shatter your patella. Knee surgery can leave you on the DL for months, so prevent damage before it happens with these pads. These mountain bike accessories are soft, flexible and breathable yet well-protected enough to keep your skin and what lies beneath it safe. 

10. Dakine Slayer Mountain Bike Elbow Sleeve

Your knees aren’t the only joints that can take a hit on the trail. An elbow injury can also sideline you — you need to steer. These sleeves do the job while giving you freedom of movement. Their Polygiene odor-control technology keeps them from getting ripe if you toss them in your duffel upon reaching the office. 

11. NeoTech Care Wrist Band

You type all week, and your wrists ache by Sunday fun day. Don’t let pain steal your ride. While many wrist straps hinder your freedom of movement too much for riding, these flexible models provide just enough support while allowing you to move your wrist in every direction. They also come in handy if you have carpal tunnel and you need a break by 2:00 on workday afternoons. 

12. Kapvoe Polarized Cycling Glasses

Many hardcore riders head out in the early morning or twilight hours, right when the sun becomes an evil little lamppost in the sky, blinding all who gaze in the wrong direction. Keep your eyes on the trail with these polarized glasses that eliminate excess glare and maybe save you a few bucks on Botox. 

13. Wittkop Bike Seat

Does your backside ache in protest after a long ride? It’s time for a seat upgrade. This ergonomic model consists of a special foam layer that conforms to your unique body. The welded seams make it completely waterproof, so no more wet seats on rainy days. The air ventilation system keeps you from getting too sweaty “down there.” 

14. Fox Racing Proframe Mountain Bike Helmet

Your helmet is the most important mountain biking accessory there is. You have to protect what lies between your ears. This helmet offers full coverage protection for the rockiest trails, complete with MIPS technology to decrease the rotational motion transmitted to the brain during impact. 

15. NEKRASH Duck Bike Bell

Enough of the heavy stuff. Add a touch of whimsy to your ride with this fun duck bike bell. It’s an adorable little buddy to carry on your handlebars, and he isn’t just for show. He can warn hikers ahead that you’re on the way and serve as a valuable noise-making device when binged regularly in bear country. He even has a helmet to remind you that safety comes first. 

16. Activ Life LED Bike Wheel Lights

Here’s another touch of whimsy with a not-so-hidden safety feature. These LED bike wheel lights make night rides seem like a trip to the disco. However, they also make it impossible for drivers to miss you, making them a must for dark country roads with little shoulder and no streetlights after dark. 

17. PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit

You love your bike so much you’d ride it to work if you could. However, hills leave you sweaty, and you don’t want your cubicle mate complaining about your B.O. 

Guess what? There’s now an effortless way to ride. This e-bike conversion kit transforms your ride into a street-ready machine for a fraction of buying a new model retail. It goes up to 36 miles an hour, much more than the standard 20 on rideshare models. Wear your helmet and pads and green your commute.

Mountain Biking Accessories

The holidays are fast approaching. Is there an athlete on your list? Help support their favorite hobby with these mountain biking accessories that any fan of the sport will love. If you have a little extra, splurge on something nice for your ride, too. 

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