5 Water Sports You Should Try This Summer

A man kitesurfing in a wetsuit

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is the perfect time for trying new things. The days are longer, the sun is
brighter and the warm weather creates a number of new opportunities,
particularly for sports enthusiasts. The summer heat opens the door to a number
of different water sports, most of which are simple enough to try on your own.

Water sports are a great opportunity for summer fun, for both families and individuals alike. It’s not an issue if you don’t own any of the necessary equipment — most water sports equipment is readily available and easy to rent. There are dozens of different water sports activities that you can attempt, but here are the five you should try this year.

1. PaddleBoarding

is an exciting way to get out on the water and explore. Not to mention, it can
be a great workout! Paddleboarding is different from other water sports because
the user stands on the board and pushes themselves forward with a long paddle.
While paddle boarding can certainly be a relaxing way to experience the ocean
or your local lake, it’s also an opportunity to
tone your muscles
. This can be a workout for your arms, core and legs!

2. Kayaking

is a great way to exercise on virtually any body of water. These small, dynamic
crafts are perfect for your local lake or river, but can also provide an
enjoyable day in a bay or off the coast. There are a number of different styles
of kayaks
and you should ensure you have the right type for your outing. For example,
whitewater kayaking is a thrilling experience that is a perfect summertime
activity, but you want to ensure your kayak is built for these conditions.

3. Jet Skiing

truly intense water sport that deserves your attention this season is jet
skiing. These crafts can fly across the water, and using them is certainly an
adrenaline-filled experience. Jet skis are perfect for a weekend trip to the
lake and are very straightforward to operate and use. Safety is important
because of how fast these machines can go, but they can provide for a
fun-filled day of competition.

4. Whitewater Rafting

Another intense water sport that demands a place in the spotlight is whitewater rafting. This water sport is a true adventure where a small group works to navigate rafts down a rapidly-moving turbulent river. This is definitely a summer activity that should be done with a group under the eye of an experienced guide. Outfitters across the country regularly take groups out on the water for this adrenaline-pumping experience!

5. Kitesurfing

water sport that should make its way into your itinerary for the summer season
is kitesurfing. If you find yourself at the shore looking for an intense and
exciting experience, look no further than kitesurfing. This sport combines the
traditional surfboard and waves with a large kite that completely changes the
dynamic and makes kitesurfing a unique sport of its own. Kitesurfing can be somewhat difficult to master initially, but once you do,
you can gain some serious speed and maneuverability on the water by capturing
air with the kite.

Which Water Sport Will You Try First?

are dozens of different water sports you can try this summer. This list can
help you get started, but the possibilities are endless. Water sports are
perfect for people of all ages!