The Benefits of an Off Leash Dog Hike

Jul 20, 2022


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A dog truly is a man’s best friend. You want to take your furry friend everywhere with you, and that includes getting a workout in. Hiking is one of the most rewarding activities because you get to be outside in nature while working out. The only thing that could make the activity better is taking your favorite pup with you on an off leash dog hike, which has so many benefits you can reap.

1. Dogs Are A Great Support

Your dog is your best friend. She wants to spend all her time with you. She may be just a part of your world, but you’re her entire world, and any extra time with you is sure to have her spirits high, even if it’s just training for an off leash dog hike. Spending spare time with your dog is also beneficial to you. 

People who own and spend time with dogs have a lower blood pressure than people who don’t own dogs — meaning that just owning a dog can improve your heart health. Plus, many people turn to their dogs for emotional support. Your dog is your best friend, and she’ll always be there for you. Why not take her on an exciting adventure to experience nature with you?

2. You’ll Increase Your Stamina

Hiking is a great way to stay fit. As you take on harder trails, you challenge yourself more. Once you get used to one intensity level, you can take on more difficult paths alongside your dog. Eventually, you may find something beautiful at the top of a mountain or the end of a trail. The view of flora and fauna around you should encourage any nature lover to traverse the trails less traveled — but you can only do so once you’ve built up your stamina.

Make sure to always bring fresh water with you. You and your dog can get dehydrated or overheated when hiking, so ensure the water is accessible and that you bring plenty of it. That way, whenever you stop for a break, you can refuel yourselves. Remember, dogs can overheat quicker than humans can. Watch out for your dog by keeping an eye on how much he’s panting and drooling.

3. It Builds Trust Between You

When you have your dog off her leash, you feel like you can trust her more. Similarly, she may think that the two of you are more in-tune. The training it requires to train a dog to walk off her leash isn’t difficult, but it requires a lot of repetition and trust between you and your dog. By taking her on a trail, you’re reaping the benefits of her training, and you’re trusting her to listen to you. If there’s ever a slip-up, you know what to keep working on.

4. Working Off Leash Is Rewarding

Teaching your dog to walk off leash can be one of the most rewarding experiences with your dog. Once you build up your dog’s stamina, you can slowly start introducing him to new places until he feels comfortable listening to your voice and returning to you when you call. 

An off leash dog hike can be eye-opening in that you finally see how much your dog has learned and how you’ve helped him grow in the last few months. Hiking off leash is a reward for both you and your pup, who have worked hard to reach this point.

5. It’s Great Exercise

Hiking is an excellent form of exercise, simply because it works all of your muscles and is so different from other workouts you could complete at home or in the gym. Because you have to navigate the world around you while hiking, it keeps your mind in shape just as much as your body. It’s one of the best exercises simply because it works out your body and stimulates your brain, all while helping you calm down and de-stress in nature.

Many dogs also like to have a job, or they get destructive in the house. To avoid your pup tearing up everything around her, train her for hiking so she gets plenty of exercise. Then, once you return home, you’ll have a tired dog who will want nothing more than to cuddle and rest. Playtime can be fun, but not when your valuables are on the line. A tired, well-trained dog is a happy dog, and she’ll love going hiking everywhere with you.

Make Time for an Off Leash Dog Hike

Though it will definitely take training and practice to get to a point you’re comfortable with, an off leash dog hike can help you understand more about your limits and your dog’s personality. Once your pup feels confident on small trails off the leash, you can start taking him with you on longer, more challenging routes. 

When you’ve completed so many trails, you’ll feel like nothing can stand in your way. Plus, more bonding time with your lovable pup is always great and could make your dog’s day.

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