6 Essential Lawn Care Tips

Yellow lawnmower from above.

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Your lawn is a vital part of your home’s curb appeal. No one wants dead grass or a forest of weeds on their property, so read these essential lawn care tips to prevent that from happening. You’ll learn everything you need to know about lawn care maintenance no matter where you live.

1. Figure Out Your Yard Drainage

Every property has a unique slope that directs rainwater runoff to a specific location. Figuring out how your yard drains is the first step in taking care of your lawn. Your yard will remain flooded after every storm if it doesn’t drain well.

See where puddles remain after rain showers to determine if you have a drainage problem. You can always install a drain with PVC piping and gravel to fix soggy patches of dead grass.

2. Pick the Right Grass

Research the region where you live to estimate your annual weather patterns. Hotter regions need heat-resistant grass, but rainy areas will require grass that soaks up excess water. Switching your yard’s grass type with seeding or sod could be the overnight solution to fixing your lawn care challenges.

3. Research Your Yard’s Weeds

Weeding might only take a few minutes and a pair of gardening gloves, but pulling plants out of your yard doesn’t always solve the problem. Some weeds form deep root systems that regrow quickly. Others remain in the soil if you don’t use a shovel to remove them.

Read about the most common yard weeds to identify the plant infestations on your property. Attacking them with the correct herbicides or organic treatments will make your ongoing lawn care much more manageable.

4. Mow at the Right Height

Does your grass struggle to grow? You might have a difficult yard because your mower cuts the grass too low. Mowing it close to the roots can prevent some grass varieties from forming root systems. It stresses the grass out, leading to weak stems and empty patches. Switch your mower’s blade to a higher setting and watch your yard flourish. 

5. Create a Watering Schedule

Think about the soil content in your yard while determining how often you need to water it. Sandy soil drains quickly, so it needs water three times per week to maintain root systems. Clay soil retains more moisture, so it may do better with weekly watering. 

Keep in mind that county or city governments may limit how often homeowners can water their properties and even set hourly schedules. Check with your local water provider to abide by their guidelines.

6. Aerate Every Year

Aerating grass is essential to keep it healthy. An aeration machine punctures the soil so oxygen and water can reach deep root systems. It’s best to aerate your yard annually during its peak growing season so the grass recovers quickly. It’s also an excellent opportunity to sprinkle your preferred fertilizer over your yard because you’ll apply it directly to the roots.

Remember These Important Lawn Care Tips

Now that you’ve read the best lawn care tips, it’s time to improve your home’s curb appeal. Consider adding these steps to your weekly, monthly and annual maintenance routine. You’ll have greener grass and a healthier lawn because you’ve strategized how you take care of it.

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