Hosting an Outdoor Get-Together: 6 Ideas for a Post-COVID World

Mar 25, 2020

People at an outdoor get-together

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Whether you’re a master grill chef or a huge sports fan, there’s no better time than spring to host an outdoor get-together. The weather’s a perfect temperature, and you usually don’t have to deal with any pesky bugs.

After the current crisis has passed, you’ll have a perfect opportunity to dust off your patio furniture and call up a few friends. Use these ideas to throw the ultimate springtime bash.

1. Store Beverages in Coolers

While you won’t need a dozen different beverage options for a small get-together, it’s essential to offer a few choices. A terrific way to make beer and sodas accessible is to place them on ice in coolers. This way, you won’t have to head in and out of your kitchen every time someone needs a beverage.

If you don’t already have a large cooler ready to go, shop for metal versions with wheels. These look awesome and provide a lot of conveniences. As a bonus, some coolers can act as extra seats. Set up a bar cart with liquors and mixers, too. In any case, make sure that your drinks stay cold throughout the night.

2. Put Up Fun Lights

After the sun sets, you’ll want to light up your backyard. Hang string lights across your deck and add a few lamps to each table. If your patio isn’t close to your backdoor, install lights along the path. This way, guests can watch their step. If there’s a staircase, place some tape lights on either side. You definitely don’t want any accidents to happen.

You can also add tiki torches and lanterns to spice up your setup. If you live in an area that’s prone to mosquitoes, set out a few citronella candles.

3. Go With a Theme

There’s never a wrong reason to throw a get-together, but you may want to work around a central theme. For instance, if your buddy’s about to get married, why not turn this bash into a bachelor party? It’s important to create a party that fits the groom’s personality, so this idea works well for low-key guys. 

Or, find another special occasion to celebrate, like a birthday party or sports championship. Feel free to show off a new recipe or congratulate a friend on his recent promotion. You can then work in the appropriate decorations and other touches to make the event that much more special.

4. Create a Playlist

When all else fails, the right playlist brings everyone back together. Create a playlist with both old and new favorites. Sometimes, Spotify and Apple Music already have curated collections for outdoor parties. There’s a ton of options, so try to find the perfect selection for your friend group. Make sure that the playlist lasts for at least three hours – you don’t want it to cut off in the middle of your event!

Ask someone to supply their portable speaker if you don’t have one. This way, it’s easy to move the music if you decide to head indoors. But if you plan to stay outside all night, you can go with a more extensive setup that provides better sound.

5. Develop the Best Menu

Every seasoned party host knows that food and drink play a huge role. So, it’s crucial to create a delicious menu. If you’re after a relaxed evening, go for a potluck and have everyone bring a dish to share.

You can also have a super classy guy’s night, with steaks and wine, or an Italian-themed dinner party. Talk to your friends about their preferences so that you can plan ahead of time. You’ll also want to mix up some tasty drinks, like margaritas or gin and tonics, or prep some food ahead of time.

6. Set Out Games

You can’t host an outdoor party without a few games. Of course, you’ll need cornhole and horseshoes. If you’re up for games like Flip Cup and Beer Pong, set out a folding table and a stack of solo cups. You can also play Uno or Rummy. A game of Pictionary can be done DIY with a whiteboard and made-up cards. Board games like Catan are the perfect post-dinner activity.

If you and your friends like sports, put together a game of football or basketball if you’re up for it. Make sure to tell everyone beforehand so that they can wear the right outfit. You don’t have to offer a ton of options, but games ensure that everyone doesn’t stand around aimlessly. 

Use These Tips to Host an Outdoor Get-Together This Spring

Once the current epidemic has passed, celebrate the season with an impressive outdoor get-together. Light up the grill and invite your friends for a terrific time!

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