How to Clear a Section of Woods for Farming


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on property you own can be a great decision because it’s sustainable and
profitable, but it’s also a very involved project. Before you can begin, you
need a plot of land to use — and that can mean clearing brush, trees and other

are several ways to clear an area for farming and remove the vegetation there
to allow you to plant new crops. The method you choose will be decided by how
dense the current vegetation is, how much time you have and how much money you
want to spend. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular methods, along with
their pros and cons.

Cheap and Dirty

the plot of land you’re trying to clear is not particularly large, you have
access to cheap labor and there’s no rush involved, there’s no need to use
heavy equipment. The chainsaw will be your weapon of choice, and you might be
surprised at how quickly a few workers can knock down a small thicket. The more
time-consuming tasks will be stacking and disposing of green waste and leveling
the ground once the cutting is done.

a DIY stump removal solution, use a brush grubber
attached to your pickup truck

Tractors Necessary

trees exceed 5 inches in diameter, it might be time to bring out the big guns.
In this scenario, you’ll still be able to fell trees using a chainsaw. However,
if a bulldozer is available, it might do a better job of clearing out mature
trees quickly. The leftover stumps won’t all be removable using a brush
grubber, and a stump grinder will likely be necessary. Grinders can be rented
for jobs such as this, and will make
it easy to clear stumps from your new homesteading plot

Bring in the Professionals

you’ve got the money, teams of landscapers can be assigned to clear a plot for
you in a very short time. They will bring a combination of heavy equipment,
chainsaws and other hand tools. Because the service is being carried out
professionally, you can expect to have a well-manicured flat plot of land
available to you at the end of the project. Your wallet will be flatter too, so
think carefully about how badly you need to employ this type of service.

Disposing of Green Waste

must treat green waste
responsibly when clearing land
for a new homestead. While burning is a popular
option and arguably the simplest way to eliminate things, it requires a permit
in most areas and can damage your air quality. Consult your local authorities
to learn how you can get a permit before you choose to burn your cleared green

landfills have dedicated areas for green waste, and if you can gather all your
removed brush in a trailer, you’ll have the option to dump it. Some facilities
charge for this, so call ahead and learn what to expect before you get hosed on
a dumping fee. Ultimately the waste has to go somewhere for you to begin
farming the land, so it’s a necessary evil if burning or processing the wood
isn’t an option.

You’re Cleared for Farming

you got some advice to share after a recent homesteading project? Are there
methods we neglected to touch on here? If so, drop us a line in the comments
below. Remember to always work safe and use the proper protective equipment
when handling chainsaws, tractors and other items involved in the clearing
process. Before you know it, your land will be ready for anything.