How to Fish in Lake Champlain

Lake at sunset.

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It’s summertime, and that means it’s time to start planning those warm-weather fishing trips. If you’re not sure where to cast your line, why not try Lake Champlain? This 490-square-mile lake sits on the border of the United States and Canada in New York and Vermont and has received recognition as one of the top bass fishing spots in the country. Land some bass this summer by learning how to fish in Lake Champlain with these tips.

Gear Up

You’re not going to catch anything without some decent equipment. If you don’t already have some tried and true bass-catching fishing rods and reels, the best advice we can give you is to stop by one of the many bait and tackle shops dotting the shores of the lake. They’ll offer the best advice and equipment for catching the smallmouth and largemouth bass and trout that call the lake home. During the spring and fall, you can even find landlocked salmon.

Rent or Bring a Boat

You can catch plenty of fish from the shoreline, but if you really want to bring home the bass-flavored bacon, your best bet is to get your hands on a boat and head out into the water. If you have your own boat, make sure you bring it along – there are plenty of boat ramps to help you get your boat in the water.

If you don’t have a boat already, don’t worry – plenty of places will rent you a dingy for the day so you can catch a bounty of fish during your trip. Make sure you read up on the boating laws on Lake Champlain before you get behind the wheel to ensure you enjoy your trip safely.

Pick Your Spot

Now we come down to the most important part of fishing on Lake Champlain – picking the best spot to land your catch. There are plenty of good places on the lake, but it’s important to keep one thing in mind – you probably won’t be the only one on the lake, so the popular places might be very crowded, making it harder to catch fish.

The main part of the lake is beautiful if you want to spend some time on the water, but at its deepest point it’s more than 400-feet deep, which isn’t good for trout or bass fishing.

This is another time when talking to the locals is a good idea – people who live and work around the lake will know the best places to fish, even places that won’t show up on the map.

Fishing on Lake Champlin is a great way to spend your summer, as long as you come prepared. Talk to the locals, get some advice from the nearby bait and tackle shops, don’t forget your boat and you’ll catch more bass and trout than you know what to do with. Make sure you prepare for anything, and you’ll have plenty of fun while fishing on Lake Champlain.

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