The 10 Best YouTube Fishing Channels to Subscribe To

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Here at Modded, when we’re not out on the boats ourselves, we love putting on some YouTube fishing videos to see what the best of the best are up to. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Morningtide Fishing

This company’s YouTube fishing channel is a fantastic addition to their apparel and gear shop. Based out of Australia, their videos are cinematically pleasing and super informative. They cover all sorts of topics, from catching northern bluefish tuna to fishing for freshwater bass.

2. Flukemaster

Gene Jensen is based out of the state of Georgia and is passionate about teaching people to fish. His videos are friendly, detail-oriented and extremely accommodating to all kinds of people interested in learning how to fish. His video on how to cast a bait caster has over a million views.

3. Angling with Alex

If you are based in New England, Angling with Alex is an awesome resource. The videos document the entire experience of fishing, including narration on how to prep before a trip and boat maintenance. Each video covers which techniques to utilize and why they are important.

4. Uncut Angling

Uncut Angling is one of the most popular fishing channels on Youtube. One of their most popular videos covers the experience of ice-fishing for trout and has almost three million views. The hosts are entertaining and do a great job explaining what is going on, and why they choose the supplies they do.

5. Googan Squad

These guys are the real deal. The challenges and cooking competitions are very entertaining, but also provide users with ample supplies of relevant information. The underwater filming quality is very impressive, however there are plenty of expletives so this channel might not be the most kid-friendly.

6. Jon B.

Jon B. has some stellar content. The road trip fishing series is awesome, especially for people looking for their next fishing destination. The explanations of different gear are very helpful, especially for fishing beginners looking to try out new techniques.

7. Wired 2 Fish

If you are looking for more resources on bass fishing, Wired 2 Fish is your channel. Their YouTube fishing account has content on topics such as spring bass fishing, prespawn bass and cold water bass. The tips and tricks included in the videos help individuals prepare for trips and gauge expectations.

8. Hushin

This Youtube channel is a top resource for fishing and hunting fanatics alike. They are experts in the field but are also to new experiences, such as crab fishing and other endeavors. The users get to witness the entire journey, mistakes and all.

9. AP Bassing

The variety of content on this page is astounding. The audience is definitely a younger crowd, and the videos are often goofy. However, there are still lots of educational resources and learning opportunities.

10. Mad River Outfitters

If you’re looking to learn more about fly fishing, this is the channel for you. The host is a professional fly fishing instructor, and the tutorials are especially inspiring. They’re also very funny and well-organized. 

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