Why You Need a 10 Person Tent on Your Next Camping Trip


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Camping is a pastime not for the faint of heart. You have the opportunity to display your survivalist skills with anyone who accompanies you. People often go camping with their households, but you can go camping with friends, too. Over 48 million households went on a camping trip in 2020, many of them for the first time. When you have a large group, a fleet of tents just won’t cut it. What you need is a 10 person tent — one that will fit everyone and everything.

Why Should You Invest in a 10 Person Tent?

A 10 person tent is certainly an investment, but you’re investing in pure luxury and comfortability for everyone on your camping trip. Especially if you intend to bring plenty of people to enjoy the great outdoors with you, you need to have a tent that can support everyone. A tent large enough for all your friends has the potential to contribute to a pleasant and memorable experience.

1. You Have Space

Tents are small. 10 person tents are larger, made with more space, and some even have separate rooms and hallways. If you select a tent with individual rooms and don’t use them all, you can utilize the extra space for your luggage and other items. Even if you bring only your significant other camping with you, you’ll still be able to use the extra space for your clothing and supplies. It’s a worthwhile investment for the possibility of additional space, whether you have hallways or rooms.

If you opt for a tent with rooms, store your items in a separate room from where you’re sleeping — if you don’t have enough people to fill up every room. That way, you can go to a separate room to change or find your supplies for cooking. If it’s one large room, consider having all of your items against one wall, stored in a way where you won’t have to rummage through everything to find what you need.

2. You Can Bring Everyone

When’s the last time you took a camping trip with all your friends or family? The best part about a 10 person tent is that you can fit just about everyone inside it. Your whole household can go camping in the same tent, or you can spend some much-needed bonding time with your buds. 

You won’t have to set up a fleet of tents — this one can hold your entire friend group. If your group is a bit larger than ten people, consider getting a couple of small tents to create your own little camping town. 

With everyone in one tent, you can all laugh and talk until the sunrise. If you were all in separate tents, you’d eventually have to say goodnight due to the chill outside, and you’d only spend time with those in your own tent. 

With a larger tent like this one, you can rest assured that you’re safe from the elements outside and can spend as much time with everyone as you want. The only downside is that you may encounter others carrying on a conversation while you’re trying to sleep.

3. It’s Perfect for a Long Stay

With only one tent to manage instead of multiple small ones, it’s worth the investment so you can stay longer. Many people might camp for only one or two nights, but with all the space in the tent, you have enough room for people to spread out if you’re under the limit of ten. That way, you won’t feel so cramped and may feel compelled to stay longer.

Most people go camping in the summer, but real survivalists know that fall is the best time to set up a tent and explore the great outdoors. Since things are cooling off in most places by the time September rolls around, it’s the perfect way to enjoy what’s left of the warmth without sweating the entire time you’re outside. 

How Long Does It Take to Set Up a 10 Person Tent?

Before setting up your 10 person tent, you should know specific rules. If you choose to camp in a national park, you must follow guidelines to ensure your safety, such as avoiding dead trees that could fall when placing your tent. Scoping out the right location could take more time than actually setting the tent up. The more you’ve set a tent up, the easier it’ll be to set this one up. Many 10 person tents boast that they can be set up in around a minute.

The only downside of this kind of tent is that it could be expensive — both price and land. With smaller tents, you don’t need as much flat space to set your tent up. With this one, you’re going to need more space to account for all the rooms and hallways. Still, if you’re fine with the trickiness of this tent, then it could be a valuable asset for your next camping trip with friends. Bring as many or as few people as you like along — you’ll have the space for them.

Explore the Great Outdoors With Your Loved Ones

Space can stop many people from inviting their loved ones to camp with them. Camping is an excellent opportunity to show off your survival skills and teach them to others — so you should try to get others to come with you by any means possible. If a 10 person tent could sweeten the deal, buy one to show your loved ones there will be plenty of space on the trip. You may just convince even the camping hater in your group to tag along.

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