The 5 Stages of Growing a Beard


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So, you want to grow a beard? Beards are a glorious way to express yourself, protect your skin and keep you warm. 

Growing a full beard is a big commitment that takes a couple of months to achieve. 

Here’s what to know about the five stages of growing a beard.

The Hair Growth Cycle 

Before diving into the five beard growth stages, it’s helpful to know a little bit about the hair growth cycle and how it affects your beard. 


New hair growth begins with the anagen phase, which typically lasts for a few months on the face. 

New, healthy hair actively grows during this stage, emerging from the follicle and filling out the surrounding space. 


Catagen is when your hair growth slows to a stop, and the hairs begin to split. 

The hair also begins to loosen in preparation for the shed. This phase lasts several weeks. 


Once your hair loosens, it rests for a while. During telogen, the follicles prepare for new hair growth. 

The telogen phase typically lasts for a few months. 


The final stage of hair growth, exogen, is when the new hair formed underneath the skin pushes out loose hair, beginning the anagen phase once again. 

Exogen occurs for two to four months on average. 

All of these stages contribute to the five stages of beard growth.

  1. Stubble

The first phase of beard growth occurs during the anagen stage of hair growth. It’s when new hair peaks out from your skin to create a thin layer of coverage. 

You know you have stubble when you can feel the tiny hairs on your chin and jawline. Your face may take on a five o’clock shadow appearance. 

Stubble may look and feel awkward, but don’t fear. The stubble phase typically lasts about a week. 

  1. Patches

After the stubble stages, you’ll notice your beard hair thickens in patches. This stage might be when you realize that some perts of your beard grow differently than others. 

Your beard is more noticeable at this stage and can get pretty itchy. Beard oil helps relieve the itch, while this stage remains for a couple of weeks. 

  1. Short Beard 

Once you’ve powered through the first stages of growing a beard, you reach the first stage of success– a short beard. 

Everyone’s short beard looks different, but it’s associated with the patchiness evening out, and your beard looks more intentional. 

A short beard also gives you a preview of what the final beard will appear. The short beard stage lasts for a few weeks. 

  1. Growth

Once you achieve a short beard, it’s growing time. During this time, your beard will get longer and thicker as the facial hair goes through each stage of hair growth separate from one another. 

You want to take special care of your beard during this stageit to prevent breaking before telogen. Washing it every few weeks, brushing it regularly and using the right styling products for your desired result can help. This stage lasts for a couple of weeks. 

  1. Full Beard

Finally, you achieve a full beard that’s right where you want it. Keep caring and styling for it while enjoying your newfound glory. 

Growing Out Your Beard

Beards are awesome whether you wear one for personal or practical reasons. By understanding how beards grow, you can take the right measures to make yours as glorious as possible.