The Best Ways to Accessorize Your Car

Car wheel.

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Whether you’re a car guy who’s into lowering, aftermarket parts and getting down to work, or you’re an average guy with a bit of an inclination for polishing up your car’s appearance a bit, there are so many options for ways you can accessorize your car to your heart’s content. Before diving into the upgrades, ask yourself what are you looking for? Are LED headlights legal in your state? Are you going to change the color?

While everyone has their own style regarding their car, plenty of the options available have so many details that go into them — which means you can stylize until you’re completely satisfied. Here are some of the best ways you can accessorize your car, from the easy little trees all the way to the colorful wraps that can transform your car. Here are just a few of those options.

1. Underglow

Underglow is a great DIY option for so many car guys to find their niche in terms of style. It looks great on lowered cars, comes in a variety of colors and can be changed out easily. Plus, it’s a fairly reasonable modification in terms of price, so you don’t need to do too much financial preparation to make this change happen.

Interior of car with two men.

2. Aftermarket Headlights

Aftermarket headlights can be a tricky one, specifically because of the big question, “Are LED headlights legal?” The answer itself can be a bit complicated, as certain states have confusing laws about LED lighting and aftermarket headlights. For example, states like Pennsylvania allow LED lights in manufactured lights, they can sometimes have trickier laws about aftermarket lights. Check on your state’s laws if you’re in doubt!

3. Interior Car Lights

If you want to stick with the theme of glow in your car, interior lights are a great way to make that happen. They’re easy to install, and like underglow, it’s a fairly cheap project to accomplish, so you won’t have to worry about shelling out a big chunk of change for the project.

4. A Colorful Wrap

Wrapping a car is a much bigger project than some of the others on this list, but it definitely deserves a space. In recent years, wraps have become much more popular among those interested in car culture, as they’re less expensive than paint jobs and you can take them on as DIY projects if you so desire. While it might be a bit time-consuming and difficult your first time around, many car enthusiasts find their dream color to be totally worth it.

5. Custom Shift Knobs

If you drive a manual car, you might spend a lot of time with your hand on the shift knob. If that’s the case for you, a custom shift knob could be a great choice to give your interior a bit of extra pop. They can range from the basic to the elaborate, so it’s entirely up to you what you choose.

6. Additional Cupholders

This one can be especially useful if you have an older car or an import with smaller cupholders, it can be nice to have an extra place to put drinks if you need for passengers or yourself. There are so many little cupholders that can latch onto your glove compartment so they sit right on the dash, which is perfect for a quick fix and an easy drink. They’re not a typical car modification, but cupholders are a handy upgrade.

Golden car.

7. A Simple Phone Mount

Everybody who drives needs a phone mount for music, GPS and convenience. This one is fairly simple, like it should be. But if you don’t have a phone mount yet and you’re still the person who holds your phone while balancing the steering wheel, this is your wakeup call to get a phone mount from your car.

8. And of Course, a Little Tree

Ah, the Little Tree. The classic air freshener that can take the interior of your car from smelling like nothing at all to smelling like fresh pine, black ice or any number of their 42 scents — yes, they have 42 different scents. This one is as simple as it gets. If you notice your car could smell a bit sweeter, go for it.

How to Accessorize Your Car

Everybody has different car preferences — especially in the car community. Whether you’d rather go all out with a wrap or you want to start off simple with little details like cupholders and aromatherapy, there are so many ways to make your car feel a bit more like your own.

Before accessorizing ask yourself questions like, “Are LED headlights legal?” or “How much can you tint your windows?”

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