What to Listen to on a Long Road Trip

a car radio

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How you spend your time on the way to your destination can make or break any long drive. Think back on your least favorite road trip. You probably disliked it so much because you were bored out of your mind. Having something to listen to makes it so much better.

If driving games lost their luster about 30 miles ago, that’s where technology can save the day. If your car has an AUX port, your next road trip could be just as relaxing as the vacation you’re about to have. It all depends on what you listen to.

Pick out Some Music

Everyone has their favorite playlist made for easy listening on the way to work or the grocery store, but going on a road trip is different. You’re going to need some fresh songs to keep you entertained, so look up some of the most popular road trip songs and make a new playlist! When you’re finishing your ninth hour on the highway, you’ll be desperate for something new to jam out with.

Purchase the Latest Audiobooks

Some people drive best in complete silence, and others when there’s music blasting from the speakers. Others prefer spending their time with their favorite audiobook, which can pass the time just as fast as music can. Never listened to one before? Check out a beginner’s guide to audiobooks to figure out what might be your favorite genre and what stories to listen to first.

Try a New Podcast

One of the biggest downfalls of going on a road trip is having to do one by yourself. It can get lonely, so join in a conversation about any of your preferred topics with a new podcast. Podcasts are a great way to educate yourself on the go or to put yourself in the moment with your favorite talk show hosts or comedians. Podcasts are basically a road trip’s best friend. Just ask any truck driver. They actually recommend podcasts for people on the road a lot, and they’re basically experts on the subject, so give one a listen! Go for my personal favorite, Alice Isn’t Dead.

Road trips can be the highlight of your summer or even of a vacation. You can spend quality time with people you care about without the tedium of counting state signs or making acronyms out of license plates. And if you’re going to drive while you listen to something new, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. You just have to consider which way to listen will be right for you.

Figuring Out What to Listen To on a Road Trip Is Half the Fun

Finding music might be the right way to spend your pre-road trip time if you want something on in the background or a reason to get pumped up. An audiobook or podcast might be more your style if you know you’ll be able to have some quiet and lose yourself in what you’re listening to. Just always make sure to keep your eyes on the road!

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