Why You Should Go to the Doctor After Even a Small Accident

an x-ray of a shoulder

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Cars today are safer than ever before. They have stronger chassis, high-tech restraint systems and crumple zones to distribute impact. They isolate you in a cocoon of airbags at the first sign of serious impact, and can even call for help if indicators suggest there’s been an accident.

Despite the astounding advances in car safety, traveling by car is still one of the most dangerous ways to get around. Even the smallest accident exposes your body to tremendous forces, which is why it’s crucial to visit a doctor and get a thorough exam anytime you’re involved in a car crash, even a minor one.

Common Car Crash Injuries

You can probably guess the types of injuries that are most commonly suffered by car crash victims. Soft-tissue injuries like bruises are extremely common. In more serious crashes, you could run the risk of broken bones which, while painful, are easily diagnosed.

Neck injuries are also fairly common. The term whiplash is often associated with car injuries where the force of impact rapidly jerks your head and neck in different directions.

Long-Term Injuries and Concussions

There are, however, less obvious injuries that are just as important to think about. It’s easy to sustain a concussion during a car crash and think nothing of it, but it’s important that you treat signs of one as a potentially serious injury.

You could see additional complications from a concussion arise weeks or even months after the initial injury. This is why it’s so important to visit a doctor as soon as possible for an evaluation following a car crash.

In addition to brain injury, your back is also vulnerable to long-term damage following a wreck. A herniated disc in your back can cause excruciating pain, and if left untreated could even render you immobile. By seeing the doctor, you increase your chances of getting in front of these injuries early, and you can take the proper legal steps to get help with payment.

Getting a Fair Settlement

You should aim to see a physician within 72 hours of suffering a car crash for two reasons. The first is that you’ll be better informed about how to treat any injuries you sustained. Also, if someone else was at fault, seeing a doctor within 72 hours guarantees your eligibility to seek more money in a settlement.

It might seem greedy, but if you’ve sustained a severe neck or brain injury that will have ongoing implications, that’s money you will need. The cost to treat these types of injuries can be very high, and in some cases will not subside for many years, if at all.

Go to the Doctor After an Accident

The point of this article is not to frighten you. Like we said before, modern technology is allowing more people than ever before to walk away from accidents with only minor bumps and bruises.

Modern technology can also help restore your health in the case of a serious injury, but you’re going to need to foot the bill. Seeing a doctor as soon as possible following your accident will give you the peace of mind to know if something is wrong, and trust that you can get help.

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