Equip: 12 Disc Golf Essentials, Week of August 24th

A disc flying over a disc golf course

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Disc golf is the ultimate pandemic recreational activity. You get to head outdoors to wide, open spaces. You still get to socialize — but maintaining social distancing is a snap. While it helps to have a course near you, all you need is an undeveloped green space and the right gear. 

What do you need to play disc golf? While you can make do with nothing but a single frisbee, you won’t get the complete game day experience. Stock up on the items below and tell sheltering-in-place that you can still have group fun safely in the great outdoors. 

1. Innova DX Leopard Discs 

Did you think your favorite pooch’s well-worn frisbee would get you in the game? Technically, it will, but it’s akin to trying to play traditional golf with a hockey stick — and you’re probably not “Happy Gilmore.”

Like a well-outfitted golf bag, you’ll want a driver, putter and mid-range disks. Each has different weights and designs to either hone precision or help them fly farther and straighter. Fortunately, you can buy a full set for the price of one mid-grade 7-iron. 

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2. YaheeTech Disc Golf Basket 

While you don’t have a tin cup, you’ll need a basket — material flexible — and a stand. Most professional versions come as a single assembly. This portable metal version will stand the test of the elements if you forget to bring it in from the back 40. 

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3. MVP Launch Pad Tee Pad

Professional disc golf courses often feature cement or brick tee boxes coated with astroturf. However, don’t let the need to haul materials put a damper on your fun. You can line your course with MVP Launch Pad Tee Pads. To save more money, you can carry it from location to location instead of making them permanent. 

Get it from KWS Disc Golf

4. Professional Signage 

A disc golf player needs to see where to aim, and signs point the direction to throw. You could make homemade versions out of old pallets or cardboard, but if you have land to create a more permanent course, you want to class things up. You can order professionally printed ones made of metal or featuring coating to protect your investment from the elements. 

Get it from Disc Golf Signs

5. Axiom Mini Marker Disc

If you share discs with your teammates, disputes will inevitably arise over where each shot landed. Erase the mystery with these easy-to-spot metallic mini marker discs that keep things fair and square. 

Get it from Marshall Street Disc Golf

6. Kwik-Stik XLF Retriever

If your disc lands in the pond during the winter months, do you want to risk hypothermia? If you live in Florida, are you planning to risk an alligator encounter? Retrieve your water-bound “fairway iron” with ease.  

Get it from InZone Disc Golf 

7. Friction Disc Golf Gloves 

In the summer months, your hands get all sweaty. Plus, if there’s dew on the grass, it can make throwing your disc akin to trying to toss an oil slick. However, a solid anti-friction glove will give you power and control without releasing until you intend to do so. 

Get it from Friction Gloves 

8. DGA Starter Disc Golf Bag 

You need a way to schlep your gear to your location. This starter disc golf bag holds all your essential “clubs” and markers, as well as some hydration. 

Get it from Gotta Go Gotta Throw 

9. Rawlings Official League Baseball

Oh, no — your star driver got stuck in a tree. How can you get it down without transforming into “George of the Jungle?” Chuck something round at it, like a baseball. 

Get it from Dick’s Sporting Goods 

10. A Sharpie Fine-Tipped Marker 

You need to keep an accurate score, and pencils can smear. You can ink down who hit par without getting your hands all messy with a quality Sharpie. 

Get it from Target 

11. Autumn Gold Granola Bars

While disc golf may not burn as many calories as running a marathon, you do work up an appetite. Tame your tummy tiger on the fly with some Autumn Gold granola bars, which are grain-free for those doing paleo.

Get it from Costco  

12. Disc Golf Face Mask

Even though you maintain social distancing, you need to take additional hygiene measures in a COVID-19 world. This mask will keep you safe and stylish.

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Gather These 12 Essentials for Your Next Disc Golf Game 

To enjoy disc golf, you need the ultimate gear. Outfit yourself with these essentials, phone a few friends and hit the wide, open spaces while maintaining a safe social distance. 

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