Equip: 12 Office Space Essentials, Week of May 10th


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The back-to-the-office trend has begun. Recently, Goldman-Sachs announced a return to in-person work, and many other American businesses will follow suit. What office space essentials might you need for this transitions?

Why not transform your workstation into a mini home-away-from-home so you can still enjoy many of the comforts of your telecommuting lifestyle? The following 12 interesting and novel items will rock your office space.

1. A White Noise Machine

Perhaps your primary distraction is the chatter of your colleague on the phone with clients all day. Maybe you work in an office with tile floors and warehouse ceilings — and the powers-that-be haven’t banned stilettos.

A quality white-noise machine will help you drown out distracting noises. You can find models with headphone jacks so that you don’t disturb your colleagues. However, they might find the sound of ocean waves equally soothing.

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2. A Dammit Doll

Some days at work make you want to beat the living crap out of something. However, punching a hole in your office wall is a surefire ticket to the unemployment line.

A dammit doll provides the ideal outlet for your frustration. Coloring your doll is part of the fun — no one will tell who your creation might resemble.

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3. A Putting Green

Research indicates that you should get up from your desk more often. You aren’t slacking off — you’re boosting productivity by increasing blood flow to your brain.

A putting green is the ideal stress-busting activity. Beware, though — your boss may want to hang out in your cubicle to use it.

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4. An Aromatherapy Diffuser

Does the scent of your colleague’s reheated salmon make you queasy? Maybe you want to boost productivity with citrus scents or cultivate relaxed creativity with soothing lavender.

An aromatherapy diffuser lets you create the ideal scented ambiance for inspiration without releasing toxins like toluene into the air.

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5. A Zen Garden

Sometimes, you need a mindless activity to help you become more mindful. A zen garden is the ideal stress reliever, keeping your hands busy while your brain goes to work on your upcoming marketing campaign. Let your imagination soar while you create patterns and soothe your soul.

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6. A Mini USB Vacuum

Eating lunch at your desk can help you leave the office by 5. However, it does result in chip crumbs in your keyboard. Keep your workspace neat and tidy with a mini USB vacuum cleaner, complete with attachments to let you get that stray cracker from under your “F” key.

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7. A Tomato Timer

Are you a fan of the Pomodoro method? This productivity technique has you working in 25-minute bursts followed by a 5-minute break. Get your game on point with a timer inspired by the inventor of the practice.

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8. A Classy Vinyl Portfolio

Going back to the office means transporting documents back and forth. You need to keep them crisp and tidy — and you want to look professional while doing so. A bound padfolio keeps your paperwork protected while ensuring you always have an extra pen or business card handy for good measure.

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9. An Inflatable Exercise Ball

Do you suffer from chronic back pain? You might not know if you have degenerative disk disease, but you’ll feel it when you sit with your vertebrae compacted for too long.

An inflatable exercise ball lets you lean back and stretch your lumbar region. Using it as an alternative to your standard chair, even on occasion, could ease backaches. It also engages your core, burning more calories.

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10. A HydroFlask Water Bottle

You know that you need to drink more water. If you want to keep it tasty and cold, you need an insulated bottle. This HydroFlask model will keep your beverage icy for up to 24 hours.

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11. A Whimsical Potted Plant

If you’re concerned about the indoor air quality at your workplace, you probably have little control over the HVAC system. However, you can turn to Mother Nature. Plants do more than taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. They also cleanse the air of toxins. Make your desk a less germy place with a whimsical llama potted plant.

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12. A Digital Photo Frame

You keep pictures of those you love near and dear, but you only have so much desk space. Squeeze all your photographic memories into one with a digital photo frame featuring smart technology. You can delight in a rotating cycle of images of those you love most or your favorite vacation destinations.

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Liven Up Your Office With These 12 Interesting and Novel Items

Heading back to the office should be a cause for celebration! Use this list of office space essentials to make your workspace the merriest in your organization.

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