Equip: Fitness Essentials, Week of May 11th

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As gyms around America tentatively reopen, folks are raring to get back to their regimens. Maybe you discovered you adore the convenience of home fitness during the shutdown, but you want to build out your own personal gym. What are your fitness essentials?

The 12 gadgets below deserve kudos for innovation. It doesn’t matter if you only have a modest budget or you still have your stimulus check burning a hole in your pocket. An investment in your health always makes sound financial sense. 

1. VUP Running Armband

It’s challenging to power through five miles with no entertainment outside of the rhythm of your increasingly tired feet. Take your tunes with you when you hit the road or the trail with the VUP running armband. It securely holds your phone, keeps your extra headphone cords tucked away and lets you carry a key while keeping your hands empty.

$11.99 from Walmart

2. KOR Nava Filter Water Bottle 

You know you need to drink more water, but the stuff pouring out of your tap can taste a bit off depending on where you live. Yes, you can buy bottled water at the store, but doing so takes a toll on your conscience. All that plastic tends to end up polluting the oceans. This reusable one is made from coconuts, and its BPA free.

$22 from The Water Bottle Store

3. Powerball Powerspin Isometric Arm Toner

If you want to tone your upper body while you watch TV, this gadget is for you. It uses isometric resistance, so you don’t even need to count repetitions or sets. The steady pressure also makes it a more comfortable way to tone for those with rheumatoid arthritis or other conditions that make movement painful.

$27.99 from Powerballs

4. Tangram Smart Rope

Jumping rope is a fabulous full-body workout that lets you get your cardio while you watch TV — if you have a large enough living room. This innovative product features an adjustable length. The affordable Rookie model measures jump count, calories burned and workout duration. It stores data to help you to celebrate when you reach your goals.

$39.95 from Tangram

5. Backslash FitSmart Mat 

You love doing yoga, but those free mats your favorite studio provides were icky before the coronavirus made everyone more germ-o-phobic. Why not invest in one that rolls up with a snap for convenient carrying?

$89.95 from Hearst Products

6. FitBit Charge 3 

If you want to track multiple aspects of your fitness journey, the FitBit Charge 3 fits the bill.

$99.95 from Fitbit

7. Withings WiFi Smart Scale

Body-fat scales have existed forever, but this model monitors fat, bone and muscle mass, as well as hydration levels. It tracks the progress of up to eight users.

$149.95 from Withings

8. JayBird Wireless Sports Headphones 

You should hear these jaybirds sing. They will make any run more delightful — with no pesky wires to throw off your pace.

$179.99 from Jaybird Sport

9. Emfit QS+Active Sleep Monitor

It’s challenging to get fit when you toss and turn at night. The first step in getting more rest is identifying the patterns keeping you awake, and this gadget can help you do it.

It also monitors your heart, making it a must for those with cardiovascular issues.

$299.98 from Emfit

10. NURVV Run Personal Trainer 

If you are a runner, you want to know why you don’t always lead the pack. These innovative insoles analyze your stride as you pound the pavement, and offer suggestions for improving form and speed.

$299.95 from NURVV

11. Mirror At-Home Personal Trainer

When you need a personal trainer, but you can’t get to the gym, enter Mirror. You can get pointers on your form as well as personalized programs and encouragement.

$1,495 from Mirror

12. Ergatta Digital Rower 

Rowing is an ideal cardiovascular workout for those who find walking or even biking problematic due to knee trouble. This device looks bulky, but it folds up and looks stylish tucked in the corner of your room.

$1,999.00 from Ergatta

Get in the Best Shape of Your Life With These Innovative Fitness Products

Technology can help you get into the best shape of your life. Invigorate your workouts with these innovative products today. 

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