Equip: Poolside Essentials, Week of July 6th


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is here, and that means sun. What better way to enjoy it than by the pool?
You’ll beat the heat without running up your AC bill.

leave your friends and family with nothing but Marco Polo to entertain
themselves. Prepare with these 12 poolside essentials.

dive in.

1. Swimline Inflatable Pool Tiki Bar

Does the idea of driving or flying to Vegas seem too iffy right now? Don’t worry — you can bring the pool bar fun home with the Swimline Inflatable Pool Tiki Bar. It features multiple cup holders and coolers to keep your drinks from getting funky in the summer sun. It also allows room for a bartender to climb inside.

$89.95 from

2. Intex Pool Volleyball Game

summer without a few games of volleyball? You won’t have to sweat it on land
when you make game time aquatic. This model’s portable nature means you won’t
need to mount any brackets in concrete — it inflates to float. The pool bases
have grommets that allow you to use weights to keep the device in place.

from Amazon

3. Poolcandy 66″ Inflatable Splash Runner Motorized Pool Lounger

so awful about floating on a pool lounger with a drink in your hand? Trying to
make it back to shore without getting wet when you need a refill! Have no fear
with this motorized version that has you jetting over to the stairs without
getting your curls damp.

from Home Depot

4. Swimline Giant Basketball Hoop

the portable basketball hoop in your driveway get lonely over the summer
months? When it’s too hot to practice your hook shot on land, take the game
into the water with this aquatic version. You can add a new challenge to a
classic game of Horse, too. Make your opponent shoot from both in and out of
the water.

from Walmart

5. Maritime Mates Undersea Treasure Hunt Pool Toy

your kids love to scuba dive for treasure in the form of pennies on your pool
bottom? There’s a coin shortage going on, but your tykes will have plenty to
entertain them with this set. The brightly colored gems are a snap to spot,
even with foggy goggles.

from Melissa and Doug

6. Uno Splash Pool Card Game for Kids

people rediscovered their love of this classic card game during the spring
shutdowns. Why stop the party when the temperature tops 90 degrees? You can
take the family fun into the pool with this version that’s made for the water.

from Fun

7. Intex Kool Splash Inflatable Play Center Water Slide Accessory 

Does your pool lack a waterslide? Not anymore! You can add one for a fraction of the cost of a professional installation with this inflatable version. It features two sprayers to recreate the theme park experience.

from Lowe’s

8. Wanderlust Collective Complete Inflatable Pool Poker Set With Floating Table and Four Lounge Chairs

night doesn’t have to mean cranking up the AC. Why not ante up in the pool with
this floating table and chairs set? It comes with waterproof cards and chips so
you won’t ruin the memorabilia set you got on your Grand Canyon trip.

from Infiniod

9. Lob the Blob Inflatable Game

more American than a game of Cornhole? As you plan your coming Labor Day
festivities, add this inflatable game to the mix. You can make wagers — maybe
the loser has to dry off, head inside and refill the iced tea pitcher!

$27.99 from Airhead

10. 3 x 3 Floating Golf Game “Ace”

it so hot that hitting the links, even at reduced prices, makes you dizzy? You
can still practice chipping and putting with a floating golf game.

from Floating Golf Greens

11. iLive Audio Water/Sand-Proof Floating Speaker

a pool party without cranking some tunes? This version gets loud enough to
disturb your neighbors, so tone it down after sunset — or invite them to the

from Target

12. Aquaclimb Classic Pool Rock Climbing Wall

If you are a climbing fanatic waiting for the weather to cool down so you can go climbing, now you can stay on top of your game. Invest in a pool rock climbing wall! You won’t need a belay — if you fall, you’ll just enjoy a wet landing.

$7,000 from Aquaclimb

Equip Your Pool With These Essentials and Prepare
for a Summer of Fun

If you want the ultimate summer of fun, you need the right pool essentials. Get out your debit card and do a little retail therapy to make the rest of the season sizzle.