Equip: 12 Halloween Decor Essentials, Week of Oct. 19th


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For good ghouls and goblins, Halloween is the best time of the year. How can you prepare your home for the fall festivities?

With the best decor, of course. The following 12 Halloween decor essentials will make your house the most haunted one on the block. 

1. A Design Toscano Zombie Garden Gnome 

Garden gnomes scream wholesome white magic, right? Not this zombified version, which will add an eerie touch to your gardens or window boxes. Gone are the days of playful forest creatures — ’tis the season for the undead to roam. 

Get it from Lowe’s

2. An Automated Doorbell With Eyeball 

What’s creepier than touching an eyeball? On the ick-factor scale, it ranks a solid 10.5. However, if little costumed darlings want a treat, they’ll have to screw their courage to the sticking point to determine if any “body” is home. 

Get it from Bed, Bath & Beyond

3. A 36-Inch Animated Cowboy Skeleton With Dog 

Halloween rules everywhere, including the Wild, Wild West. Bring a little ghost town spirit to your front lawn decor with this animated cowboy skeleton and his canine companion, faithful even in the afterlife. Let this lawn ornament serve as a potent reminder always to stay hydrated, lest you join the undead stalking the earth on Samhain night. 

Get it from Big Lots

4. A Jack Skellington Globe With Projection Inflatable Decoration 

When it comes to decorating, look to the infamous Pumpkin King of Halloween Town. After all, the holiday season’s start isn’t the same without “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Your front yard will wow neighbors with this giant inflatable featuring projection for even scarier vibes. If you have a little extra in your budget, try to find Sally to stand by his side. 

Get it from Spirit Halloween Superstore

5. A 5-Foot Collapsible Wood Grain Look Coffin 

“The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out” — who do you have buried in your front lawn? Drive your neighborhood wild with curiosity with this five-foot coffin. Miscreants looking to T.P. best beware, lest you lock them inside. Maybe scatter a few bones around to let folks know you mean business. 

Get it from HalloweenCostumes.com

6. Rope Spiderweb

Did you dust all the cobwebs away from your porch when you did your fall house cleaning? While you don’t want a real black widow hanging around, you can recapture the creepy vibe with this enormous model that won’t draw any flies inside your house. 

Get it from Party City

7. 10.5-Foot Oogie Boogie Halloween Inflatable 

Who’s the scariest creature in Halloween Town? Mr. Oogie Boogie, of course. Bring his delicious creepiness to your front lawn with this inflatable. Now that’s he’s done torturing Mr. “Sandy Claws,” he’s ready for his next victim. 

Get it from Home Depot

8. An LED Pumpkin With Light and Sound 

What better way to welcome little ghosts and witches to your home than with an LED pumpkin? It comes with a recording of scary sounds, but it won’t keep the timid away from your door. You can set it to silent mode when handing out treats to the tiniest tots. 

Get it from Ebay

9. A Black-and-Natural Spiderweb Doormat 

Unless your guests inhabit the spirit realm, they can track all kinds of messes inside your home when they come to visit. Don’t be scared of the dirt! Instead, invite them to wipe their shoes in “spooktacular” fashion with this stylish doormat. 

Get it from CostPlus World Market

10. A Halloween Cute Spooky Zombie Girl Metal Sculpture 

When the lights go down, what’s eerier than a silhouette arising from the dark earth? One that’s a zombie, that’s what. Add a few headstones and have this diminutive darling rise from the grave. 

Get it from Etsy

11. A National Tree 24-Inch Skull and RIP Cross 

Beneath the headstones at that serene cemetery lie the remains of countless souls. Alas, poor Yorick — underneath his flesh, he was nothing but bones. Bring his remains home with this terrifically terrifying lawn ornament. 

Get it from Boscov’s

12. A Gemmy Light Glo LED Pre-Lit Wicked Sign 

Are you wicked and proud of it? Let the neighborhood know with this pre-lit sign. The LED lights mean it won’t drain your electric bill — only warn your guests that you aren’t all sugar and spice. 

Get it from Ace Hardware

Make Your Front Yard Excellently Eerie With These 12 Spooky Halloween Decor Essentials 

If you want to win the Halloween decorating wars, you now have your ammunition. The 12 spooky Halloween decor essentials above will make your home the must-hit hotspot this October.

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