Equip: Top 12 Essential Football Party Supplies

Dec 15, 2023

Football player diving for the ball

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Bringing people together is easy when you have football, food and friends in your home. Millions of people gather each fall weekend to watch their favorite NFL teams battle on the gridiron. While the players score touchdowns, you can cheer them on at home. Before celebrating, you’ll need to get some football party supplies. What makes a fantastic football watch party? Here are the 12 essentials you’ll need for the big games.

1. Toshiba 55” Class C350 Series LED 4k UHD Smart Fire TV

Your football party ideas start with a sizable TV. You want your guests to see every throw, catch and field goal in the highest quality possible. This Toshiba 55” Smart Fire TV is terrific for those wanting a large football watch party.

With this TV, you get 4K resolution, excellent color contrast and sufficient brightness for the entire room to see. When football ends, you can easily switch to another streaming service and watch your favorite shows and movies.

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2. Sonos Arc Sound Bar 5.0 

While large TVs are for viewing pleasure, how can you take the football game to the next level? Enhance the viewing experience with the Sonos Arc Sound Bar 5.0. Who says you need a movie theater for the cinema quality? This soundbar is one of the best watch party ideas if your crowd looks forward to the halftime shows. The Sonos Arc device has 3D sound and optimizes for the acoustics in your room.

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3. Alger 98” Wide Left Hand Facing Sofa and Chaise

One NFL game lasts about 3 hours and 12 minutes, so your guests need somewhere comfy to settle down for the match. The average NFL Sunday lasts all afternoon and into the night, so get this 98” sofa and chaise from Alger. This couch has four cozy seats and a pull-down cushion to hold drinks. The convenience lets you sit comfortably for hours while the game is on. 

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4. Erweicet Inflatable Football Cooler

Watch party ideas mean serving beverages, whether you’re watching football playoffs or “The Bachelor.” Enjoy the football theme and serve cold drinks in this Erweicet inflatable football cooler. This inflatable ice bucket is 51 inches long by 27 inches wide and easy to pull out for the big games. When the party is over, use the drain valve design to eliminate the leftover water inside.

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5. DIY DUO Football Field Charcuterie Board

Drinks are a terrific start to your football party supplies, but you’ll need good food to score a touchdown with your guests. This football field charcuterie board is ideal for serving football party appetizers like crackers, cheese and other finger foods. Customize the board with your favorite NFL team and wow your guests with a beautiful aesthetic for the food. 

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6. Hegbolke Football Decoration Party Supplies

Standard plates aren’t going to cut it for your football watch party. You need decorative plates to get your guests in the mood for gridiron. These Hegbolke square plates encompass the football tradition with three different sizes and napkins. Your friends can separate the plates for appetizers, entrees and desserts! This pack is ideal for large parties, serving about 40 people. 

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7. Wilton Football Aluminum Cake Pan

Guests look forward to tailgate food, but you can put your party over the top with football-themed desserts. One way to go all out is to make a football cake. This Wilton aluminum cake pan lets you bake a cake to mimic a football shape.

Add chocolate icing and white decoration for the laces to create a work of art in your oven. Just make sure nobody tries to pick it up and throw it.

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8. Big Dot of Happiness Bingo Cards and Markers

Football games see plenty of action on the field, on the sidelines and in the stands. Let guests join the fun by giving them bingo cards and markers from Big Dot of Happiness. Each card has spaces marked with events like field goals, fumbles, first downs and sacks. Get five in a row and yell bingo! This game is terrific for teaching children what happens in football games.

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9. Elakai 2×4 Woody Cornhole Boards

Before the game and halftime, your guests will look for things to do. Satisfy the athlete inside everybody and set up these woody cornhole boards from Elakai. Cornhole is a simple game, with each board 27 feet apart from the other. Throw the bag toward the board and try to land it inside the center hole. These cornhole boards are durable, corrosion-resistant and easy to transport around. 

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10. MGM Graphic Designs Personalized Gatorade Bottles

After rousing games of cornhole, your guests will need a refreshment. Serve refueling drinks and get football party favor ideas with personalized Gatorade bottles. These designs give everybody a unique bottle, making the fans feel like they’re a part of the game. You can put each person’s name, choose different fonts and add football stickers to each bottle.

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11. Fathead NFL Helmet Collection

The NFL’s 32 teams have fanbases stretching far and wide. You never know where you’ll find Falcons, Seahawks and Bengals fans. Another solid option for football party favor ideas is an adhesive decal from Fathead’s NFL helmet collection.

This set comes with all 32 teams, so you’re sure to please the fans no matter where they come from. Plus, they make incredible decorations for an NFL-themed room.

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12. DraftNowFantasy Fantasy Football Trophy

Fantasy sports have skyrocketed in the past few years, with nearly 20% of American adults participating. The end of the regular season means it’s time to crown a champion, so present your league’s winner with a fantasy football trophy from DraftNowFantasy. Your guests will appreciate fun football party ideas if you give the award like Roger Goodell with the Vince Lombardi Trophy. 

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Gathering Your Football Party Supplies

For many sports fans, football season is the most wonderful time of the year. Your favorite players battle on the gridiron while you sit and relax with your friends. Before sending invites, you’ll need to get your watch party ideas in order. These 12 ideas for football party supplies will get your celebration off to an excellent start.

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