Equip: 12 Essentials for Amateur Musicians


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So, your buddy wants to be in a rock band and your nephew is starting to tickle the ivories. What kind of gift should you give your beloved amateur musicians on an upcoming occasion? If you’ve never so much as picked up a drumstick or strummed a guitar, you’re probably unsure.

Luckily, you don’t have to wonder what they’ll like. Just choose one or two items from the list below and you’re sure to pick a winner.

1. Tourtech Pedal Board

If your musician simply can’t resist buying another pedal, he’ll eventually need something to organize them. This small pedal board is the perfect place to start. It even features a padded carry case, velcro, and zip ties so they have everything they need to put their board together.

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2. Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3

Is there a DJ in the house? Make some noise for the Traktor Kontrol soundboard. The smooth jog wheels offer two operation modes while an instant one-knob FX and filter control helps them drop some sick beats.

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3. AKG K52 Studio Headphones

Help that singer-songwriter-to-be tune into solid bass notes and clear highs with a pair of studio headphones. Their closed-back design eliminates audio bleed, maintains privacy, and provides exceptional comfort for hours of listening.

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4. Blackstar Fly 3 Mini Amp

Does your artist plan to play at the local coffee shop anytime soon? Give their guitar a voice with this portable mini amp. The Blackstar Fly 3 might be small, but it packs a powerful punch. Two channels, an infinite shape feature, tape delay, and an emulated line-out make this amp a great choice for amateur musicians.

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5. MobileDay Subscription

If your friend and his band are still having Zoom jam sessions and attending online meetings, gift them a MobileDay subscription. This app syncs your calendar across multiple devices and lets you access calls with one click so they’re never late to that Google Meet again.

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6. Raycon Everyday E25 Earbuds

All great musicians need a solid pair of earbuds, and these Raycons certainly fit the bill. The Everyday E25s can last for six hours on a single charge and have a high-fidelity sound that immediately immerses the listener in deep bass notes and authentic tones.

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7. This Is Your Brain on Music

Why do humans love music? This New York Times bestselling book has answers. Unravel the mystery of how we experience music with author and neuroscientist Daniel Levitin. Bonus points if you read it before passing it on to your friends and family.

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8. DIY Guitar Pick Punch

Turn credit cards, old IDs, hotel room key cards, or any other piece of plastic into a guitar pick with this handy gadget. Useful and unique, the DIY guitar pick punch will ensure your favorite guitar player always has a pick at their disposal.

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9. Moleskin Music Notebook

Singer-songwriters have a knack for coming up with stellar lyrics when they aren’t trying to. It’s in these moments that many wish they had a quality notebook to keep their brilliant ideas in. Thus, a Moleskin art and music notebook would be a perfect gift for any musician.

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10. Korg TM60BK Metronome

Tune instruments and keep a steady rhythm with the Korg metronome. This classic accessory combines a musician’s two most necessary needs into one convenient package. It even has a built-in stand and a 130-hour battery life for weeks’ worth of play time.

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11. Kala Learn to Play Ukulele Starter Kit

If a family member or friend has expressed interest in learning how to play the uke, this reasonably priced starter kit is a must-have. Support their passion with a high-quality ukulele, case, tuner, free tuning app, and online lessons from the popular brand Kala.

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12. Rode NT2-A Studio Condenser Microphone Bundle

Whether your musician plays guitar, flute, or viola, this high-quality dual-diaphragm condenser will help them record every note. Superior electronics provide ultra-low noise performance, and a fixed variable pad allows for flexibility and control that every musician and recording engineer needs to produce great sound.

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Time for a Tune-Up

If your musician in the making already has a few of these items, consider surprising them with an upgrade. They’ll be more than happy for the tune-up and might even be able to make some money off of their old gadget or instrument. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

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