Our Picks for the 15 Best Games of All Time

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With such a wide variety of amazing games, creating a list of the top-tier games in the world sounds almost impossible. The gaming landscape is far too rich for someone to trim it down into a few exemplars. After what feels like countless hours of researching the most-loved, iconic, innovative and critically acclaimed masterpieces, you can now indulge yourself in the 15 best games of all time. 

15. Resident Evil 2

Out of all Resident Evil editions, many gamers believe that RE2 was the best release to date. The incredible survival horror combat, eerie setting of the Raccoon City and the fantastic graphics all add up to its much-deserved fame. It perfectly captures the atmosphere of the original, but even better. It has made escaping from a dark world more interesting, as puzzle-solving was essential throughout the journey.

14. Dark Souls

Set in a musty setting called Blighttown, Dark Souls is an RPG that challenges your sanity and patience. It’s a game that demands a strategic approach rather than the push-any-button approach many players grew accustomed to. Dark Souls is one of the best Souls games of all time because it provides a level of challenge usually lacking in other games. It provides the perfect blend of exploration and challenge—no wonder it’s named The Ultimate Game of All Time by the Golden Joystick Awards.

13. Grand Theft Auto 3

This GTA version gave people a taste of its third-person view for the first time, which revolutionized the gameplay. This criminal simulator is a testament to what a “fun” game should be like—no holds barred, real-world playground allowing you to do anything, from stealing cars to using cheat codes. Play this today, and be ready for the nostalgia to kick in.

12. SimCity 2000

SimCity 2000 was among the first city-building games. Released in 1994, this game captures the beauty of building and running a city. It was a simple game where players benefited from taking charge as a mayor where police and police corruption were non-existent. More importantly, it provided the highest levels of clarity and complexity during its era.

11. Final Fantasy VI

What made Final Fantasy VI one of the best games of all time was how it perfectly painted a picture of a fantasy world—real-time battles, magical creatures, plot twists and memorable characters. There are more than 10 characters with different histories and motivations—it’s almost impossible not to relate to at least one. If you’re feeling nostalgic, don’t miss out on the newly-released Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, featuring immersive landscapes of Gaia and expanded character development. 

10. World of Warcraft

Blizzard’s finest masterpiece introduced many players to the world of massively multiplayer online (MMO). At some point, you might have tried it and even played it with friends who share the same love for video games. It provided a space for socialization and creativity, allowing players to explore Azeroth. It’s also very versatile—you can choose between PvE (player vs environment) or PvP (player vs player).

9. Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow

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These games revolutionized handheld gaming. Players were invited into a world of unforgettable creatures still loved today—Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. With Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow, Nintendo successfully puts people into a place of empathy for the protagonists and the adorable creatures. It also helps that the game is easy to learn.

8. Metal Gear Solid 

It’s hard to ignore Metal Gear Solid’s influence in the stealth genre. Its allure mainly comes from its gameplay, which makes stealth fun and rewarding. Although slightly convoluted, the story had certainly attracted many players, too. You play as Snake, a badass soldier that makes players feel cool and powerful. 

7. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

What makes The Witcher III revolutionary is its immersive storytelling—the side quests with compelling storylines, heavy real-life topics and characters like the Bloody Baron. At the heart of this game is its beautiful narrative, where every choice affects you as Geralt and the world around you. Lastly, the combat is fast-paced and dynamic. Once you get acquainted with precise timing and positioning, you get the reward of feeling like a monster slayer.

6. Half-Life 2

Think about the game you’d play for countless hours after school. For many, it’s Half-Life 2, which blew avid and casual gamers away when it launched in 2004. The beauty of this game lies in its phenomenal pacing. The dialog exchanges, narrative and combat never put players out of the immersive experience.

5. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

This legendary game, which turned 25 years old last year, remains the undisputed version of the game. It topped this far despite being released decades ago because of its contribution to the foundation of modern 3D video games. The music (rejoice, “Song of Time” enthusiasts) is iconic enough to make any sentimental player nostalgic, the story is easy to follow and the world is big and exciting. 

4. Bloodborne 

This game’s aggressive combat, creepy-looking monsters and how it urges exploration make Bloodborne a no-brainer pick for an action RPG. While it has plenty of solid influences, bearing similarities to Dark Souls, it established an entirely new type of horror with hints of Lovecraftian—a disturbing and riveting experience. The challenging combat will also make you fully engaged in every fight.

3. The Last of Us

The 2013 game was critically acclaimed for its gameplay, visuals, sound design and narrative, nailing every component of what an unforgettable gaming experience should be. The Last of Us throws players into a hostile, post-apocalyptic world, urging them to explore, improvise and strategize. Its realism, combined with torture, sadism and screams, will disturb stoic gamers.

2. Super Mario 64

One of the most classic games of all time even took everything to the next level with its control style and 3D platforming, paving the way for next-generation games. The way Nintendo successfully transported its fans and developers into a new world earned it a spot as one of the best games of all time. It remains a creative adventure for every age, bringing a wealth of colors, characters and fun.

1. Tetris

tetris Nintendo gameboy

There’s nothing quite like how Tetris revolutionized the whole gaming industry. Tetris has been the world’s most remarkable phenomenon since its launch in the 1980s. It strikes a unique balance between simplicity and a test of skill that can take years to master. Despite being addictive, Tetris also has modest health benefits, like providing stress-relieving advantages and a boost in self-esteem. It also teaches values that could be carried over in real life—a noteworthy value that makes this game deserve this list’s top spot.

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The list is an assortment of only some of the best games of all time based on global support and their influence on the gaming industry. Did your favorite video game make it into the list?

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