Blockchain Gaming: Everything You Need to Know

Feb 24, 2024

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Do you ever find yourself longing for a gaming experience beyond the ordinary? Something that not only entertains but also empowers you in ways you never thought possible? Look no further because blockchain gaming is here to revolutionize how you play and interact with virtual worlds. Here’s everything you need to know about the gaming world where you’re not just a player but a creator and true owner of your in-game assets.

What is Blockchain Gaming?

Blockchain gaming represents a groundbreaking intersection of blockchain technology and the gaming industry. At its core, it transforms how gamers experience virtual worlds by introducing true ownership of in-game assets, a concept made possible through using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These tokens allow players to possess and trade unique digital items, making each asset a one-of-a-kind, verifiable and secure entity on the blockchain. 

Blockchain technology ensures transparency and security, while smart contracts govern in-game transactions, making fraud virtually impossible. With this type of gaming, players can immerse themselves in captivating virtual environments and embark on a journey where their in-game endeavors can translate into real-world value, creating a dynamic and interactive gaming world. 

The Rise of Blockchain Gaming

The rise of blockchain gaming has been nothing short of meteoric, capturing the imagination of gamers and investors alike. Blockchain gaming has evolved from a niche concept into a thriving community in a relatively short span. Gaming enthusiasts now have full-on PC setups to get the most out of their gaming experience. Its appeal lies in the unique blend of true asset ownership, play-to-earn opportunities and the decentralized nature of blockchain technology. 

As traditional gaming increasingly grapples with concerns like loot boxes, in-game purchases and centralized control, blockchain gaming offers a breath of fresh air, promising transparency, security and player empowerment. The success stories of blockchain games like Axie Infinity, which created a vibrant play-to-earn economy, and the integration of NFTs in renowned games like Fortnite and FIFA have propelled this space into the mainstream. 

With technological innovations and ever-expanding possibilities, blockchain gaming’s popularity is poised to continue its ascent, reshaping how we perceive, play and profit from virtual worlds. As of 2022, the industry was worth an astonishing $4.83 billion, with over 85 million blockchain users worldwide.


Imagine owning a rare, digital sword in a game – not just possessing it in the game’s universe, but owning it in the real world. This ownership is the promise of blockchain gaming. You become the sole custodian of your virtual treasures. 

With blockchain technology, each in-game item is represented as a unique token on the blockchain, giving you complete control and ownership of your assets. No more worrying about a game shutting down or losing your precious items when you quit. Blockchain securely stores your digital possessions and you have the keys.

Total Control and Transparency

In blockchain gaming, the power is in your hands. Smart contracts, self-executing agreements with the terms of the contract between the buyer and the seller being directly written into code, ensure that every transaction is transparent, secure and irreversible. No more middlemen or shady transactions. You know exactly what you’re getting, and you get exactly what you’ve been promised. Trust is no longer an issue.

A New Era of Play-to-Earn

Blockchain gaming has taken the concept of earning rewards to a whole new level. You might spend countless hours grinding to earn virtual items and currency in traditional games. In contrast, blockchain games reward you for your time and skill, enabling you to acquire cryptocurrency and in-game assets that you can trade, sell or use in other games. You’re no longer just a player – you’re a true participant in the game’s ecosystem. 

Interoperability and True Ownership

The beauty of blockchain gaming is that it’s not limited to a single game or platform. Your digital assets can be interoperable, meaning you can use them in multiple games and applications. This interoperability opens up a world of possibilities, where you can use your favorite sword from one game in another or trade it with other players. It’s a world where you have true ownership, and your virtual treasures aren’t trapped within a single game’s ecosystem. 

Decentralized Ownership and Governance

Blockchain gaming often incorporates decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), which allow players to have a say in the game’s development and governance. These DAOs enable a more democratic decision-making process and give the community a voice in the game’s evolution.

Cross-Platform Play

In some of these games, players from different gaming platforms can interact with each other. This cross-platform compatibility enhances the social aspect of gaming, as friends and players from various systems can connect and play together.

Real-World Events and Partnerships

Blockchain games frequently collaborate with real-world brands, artists, companies and events. These partnerships create unique in-game experiences and exclusive items related to pop culture or major events. 

Blockchain gaming’s secondary markets have grown rapidly, with players and investors trading in-game assets and NFTs for profit. Some rare virtual items have sold for substantial sums, creating new opportunities for investors and collectors. The most expensive NFT sold for a whopping $91.8 million in December 2021 and is the most expensive piece of art sold by a living artist. 

Blockchain Games to Try Out

Here are some blockchain games to explore:

  • Axie Infinity: Known for its play-to-earn model where players collect, breed and battle fantasy creatures called Axies to earn cryptocurrency.
  • Cryptokitties: One of the first blockchain games, allowing players to collect, breed and trade unique digital cats, each represented as an NFT.
  • Decentraland: A virtual world where players can own, develop and trade land, creating unique experiences and monetizing their gaming experiences through NFTs.
  • The Sandbox: A user-generated content platform that lets players create and monetize their gaming experiences through NFTs and LAND ownership.
  • Gods Unchained: A blockchain-based trading card game that combines traditional card game mechanics with true ownership of cards as NFTs.
  • Lost Relics: An action-adventure RPG that uses blockchain for item ownership, trading and a play-to-earn model.
  • My Crypto Heroes: A role-playing game that allows players to collect historical heroes, level them up and earn cryptocurrency.
  • Blankos Block Party: A multiplayer party game where players can create, customize and trade their Blankos, represented as NFTs.
  • Chibi Fighters: A blockchain-based RPG that allows players to collect and battle with chibi-style characters. 
  • Alien Worlds: A metaverse that enables players to mine resources, earn tokens and participate in governance decisions.
  • Splinterlands: A blockchain-based collectible card game where players can build decks, battle and trade cards as NFTs.

Be More Than Just a Player

With blockchain gaming, the future of the industry is in your hands. Game developers are constantly exploring new ways to harness blockchain technology to create unique and engaging experiences. Your feedback and contributions can shape the direction of these games, making them even more immersive and enjoyable. In the blockchain gaming world, you’re more than just a player.

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