13 Best Starfield Mods To Elevate Your Gameplay

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Released on September 6, 2023, Starfield is a role-playing video game that’s been praised by both gamers and critics. A few of its highly acclaimed features are its space-themed setting, open world, soundtrack and abundant Starfield mods available for gamers.

The player has the freedom to explore more than 1,000 planets, space stations and moons to find answers to human mysteries. While the game received positive reviews in general, this didn’t stop some fans from creating mods to add depth to the vanilla game. 

If you’re a fan, you might wonder what mods are available. Read this to learn about the best Starfield mods to transform your gameplay. 

1. Starfield Script Extender (SFSE)

This tool allows you to upgrade the functionality and scripting capabilities of the game. If you’re new to modding, the SFSE will provide a base for all future Starfield complex mods, allowing modders to create expansive alterations without changing many original game files. You can get this at Nexus Mods.

2. StarUI Inventory

Inventory management is vital in overall gameplay and the StarUI is the perfect addition. Upon installation, it adds a spreadsheet-style layout to allow you to organize or categorize all your inventory lists. Its best advantage is to provide a single-screen view of all your items, like weapons and ammo, and sort them based on value, mass and other factors. With just a glance, you can get more information about each item. Plus, it’s a simple yet practical makeover to your inventory. 

3. Baka Achievement Enabler

Some game developers could turn off achievements or your access to them if you make changes to the game through mods. The Baka Achievement Enabler prevents this from happening, especially when you’re using a console. On top of this, it removes the warning sign when you open the console. To use the Baka Achievement Enabler mod, you first need to download Starfield Script Extender. 

4. Enhanced Dialogue Interface

Changing the in-game dialogues and some of their features can substantially boost gameplay. With the Enhanced Dialogue Interface mod, you can do several enhancements, such as widening dialogue lines, resizing the texts and repositioning them to the center and adding a background to improve readability. Selecting dialogue responses is a convenient feature, as it allows you to use the keyboard’s numbered keys as shortcuts to choosing options. 

5. Move or Disable XP Bar

It can be annoying to have the experience points or XP bar continuously blocking your screen view. Installing this mod will let you hide the XP bar or move it to a corner. 

6. Starfield Frame Generation

Starfield is supported with FidelityFX Super Resolution 2 (FSR2 ), an inferior upscaling solution compared to its counterparts like Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS). Upscaling is a technique that lets you downgrade the game’s graphics at lower resolutions and then use other sophisticated software to scale their quality. Like in photos, resolution is crucial in the visual appeal of the game. 

This mod enables gamers to replace FSR2 with DLSS3 and DLSS-G. With this, you can fix lower-resolution graphics and upgrade them for better visuals and game experience.

7. Cleanfield

From the word itself, this add-on cleans up the start menu so you can access the game quickly. By default, you’ll have to sit through multiple screens when you turn on the game, which is inconvenient. If you want to play the game immediately, the Cleanfield mod will accelerate the startup process by stopping the seizure warning and the Bethesda logo video from showing. 

8. In-Game FOV Changer

The field of view (FOV) mod in games increases or decreases peripheral vision. With a wide FOV, you can easily spot minor game details, which are easy to miss with a narrow FOV. 

The In-Game FOV Changer mod lets you permanently change the field of view inside the game. It’s a valuable mod since there are no in-game settings that support sliding from narrow to wide FOV to see more game details, such as beautiful scenery. 

9. Neutral LUTs – No Color Filters

This extension easily removes all the color filters in the game to make it deeper and more uniform with a crispy shade of black. It does this by replacing the game’s existing color look-up tables (LUTs) with a neutral color LUT. Using this mod won’t have any drastic effect on the gameplay aspect. In contrast, it can help other gamers see well. 

10. Ship Skip

Ship Skip is another addition you should consider if you aim to accelerate the gameplay loop by skipping some cutscenes, like the slow docking and undocking, taking off and landing in Starfield. While these scenes are amazing to watch the first time, they interrupt your play time if they repeatedly show each time you land or take off in a single game session. 

11. Dark Mode for Terminals

The glaring white terminals can hurt the eyes, especially if you play Starfield in the middle of the night. This mod protects your eyes through a darker terminal theme, so you don’t get flash-banged by terminals every time you play. It also lowers the brightness, so it’s easy on your vision. 

12. Stellar Water

You’ll encounter several bodies of water in Starfield — and it’s no surprise, given they’re an essential element in many planets. This mod lets you change the water textures in the game to make it more realistic instead of its original jello appearance, which can be distracting. With enhanced water surfaces that mimic nature, you can enjoy your playthrough. 

13. 120 FPS Smooth UI

Bethesda set Starfield’s user interfaces at 30 frames per second (FPS), resulting in some UI elements and menus being a little choppy. Even if you play using a decent PC, this issue can sometimes be unavoidable. One solution is to install the 120 FPS Smooth UI, a mod to boost UI elements to 120 FPS. It’s a super easy tweak you can do with the game to enjoy smoother interfaces and menus. 

Starfield Mods Can Boost Your Playthrough

Starfield is a massive game and one of the most elaborate open-world role-playing games of this year. Its thrilling advantage is publishers give players the freedom to customize several aspects of the game, including adding mods. The mod suggestions above are simple changes you can integrate into Starfield to improve your play experience. Most of these are easy to download and install and conveniently available in Nexus Mods. 

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