Sip, Sip—Hooray! Cocktail Making Kits Are Here to Save the Day

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Mixology is an exciting, creative hobby. You can make delicious creations inspired by your passion for mixers and syrups, but only if you have the right tools. Check out a few reasons why a cocktail making kit is so valuable and which ones are most popular. You’ll have way more fun making your next creation and gain tools that last a lifetime with proper upkeep.

Who Uses Cocktail-Making Kits?

Everyone from beginners to experienced mixologists uses cocktail-making kits. They come in two forms — supply kits and ingredient packs. Either way, you’ll have everything you need to make a drink, all located in one central location. It may sound like something for the newest mixology enthusiasts, but these kits are more common than you might expect.

Two tall cocktail glasses stand on a wooden board. They contain a yellow beverage with ice, plus a cinnamon sugar rim around the glass. A smaller whiskey glass filled with caramel colored liquid and ice sits next to it. It has a pink salt rim and a green garnish sprig inside it.

Benefits of Cocktail Kits

Stocking your kitchen with cocktail-making supplies could be your best move yet. Here are a few reasons why they’re so helpful.

1. They Have Essential Cocktail Tools

In one purchase, you’ll get everything you need to make all kinds of cocktails. Kits come with things like:

  • Shakers
  • Pourers
  • Ice tongs
  • Muddlers
  • Bottle stoppers
  • Wine opener

The ingredient lists and instructions won’t ever be too complicated for your supplies to handle. You’ll have everything within reach on your kitchen counter or inside your bar cabinet

2. They Double as Decor

Research shows that 69% of Americans are embarrassed to invite people over to their homes due to their aesthetic choices for their interior decorating. Cocktail kits are easy ways to add refined class to any room. They come in a variety of styles to match any home or start a new style based on your favorite hobby.

3. They Save You Money

You could get every mixology tool separately, but that would take time and more money. It would also be costly to purchase new ingredients for every recipe that catches your eye. What if you take a sip and don’t like your drink? You’ll have costly ingredients left over and gone to waste.

Kits give you everything you need for a budget-friendly price. A single order would put you on the path to mixology success.

A cocktail making kit sits on a wooden table. It contains a shot glass, two shakes, sliced limes, a pink foamy cocktail and a brown bottle of dry gin.

6 Incredible Cocktail-Making Kits

Check out these helpful cocktail-making kits to find the best one for your mixology needs. You could get tools and ingredients that teach you something new this week.

1. Kitessensu Cocktail Set With a Recipe Booklet

Get a recipe headstart with your cocktail kit by investing in Kitessensu’s newest model. It has stainless steel supplies like a shaker, muddler and shot glass. Your mixology tools will never rust, no matter how creative your recipes get. Follow the booklet that comes with the kit or branch out into mindblowing creations.

You could even start making cocktails with dry ice to serve smoking beverages that look more complicated than they seem. It all starts with using a kit’s ice tongs to drop a chunk or two into each glass.

2. Gin Cocktail Kit

If you have a bottle of gin, you can use a gin-based cocktail kit as soon as it arrives. The Do Your Gin brand contains botanicals, glass bottles and recipes to teach you how to infuse your gin according to your taste preferences. It’s a more refined way to make custom beverages besides exploring the shelves at your local liquor store.

3. Mixology & Craft Mid-Century Cocktail Kit

Add a mid-century-styled cocktail kit stand to your kitchen with the Mixology & Craft 10-piece set. It has all the essentials, plus a bottle opener that doubles as a corkscrew. The polished bamboo stand adds a classic touch to any home’s interior decorating style and avoids stains with a clear-coat polish.

4. Tin Cocktail Kit Boxes

Revisit the classic cocktail recipes with a kit from The Cocktail Box Co. The beloved brand has tiny aluminum tins labeled with the names of each recipe you could create with the ingredients inside. It’s an easy way to journey into the world of cocktails without feeling overwhelmed by the possibilities.

5. Esmula Bamboo Stand

Interior decorating styles that embrace curved edges will match the Esmula cocktail stand perfectly. It’s a bamboo kit with slots for all of your cocktail-making tools like a long spoon, a muddler and a leak-proof shaker. The sleek components will make everyone respect your professional drinkware skills long before they taste your creations.

6. Cocktail Smoker Kit With Torch

The smokey flavors of a charred old-fashioned aren’t something you can only get at a bar. Recreate the experience at home with a MuroMucci cocktail kit. It has a strainer and wood smoker chips that add flavors like apple and pecan to any beverage. Char the chips with the included torch, soak them in your drink with the included strainer and enjoy your refined beverage.

How to Clean Your Mixology Supplies

Once you’ve used your cocktail kit, you’ll need to clean it before putting everything back in the stand. Here are a few tips to maintain the quality of your kit.

Shakers: Use the Dishwasher

A standard cocktail shaker has three parts: the cup, the lid and the cap. Take them apart and rinse them before washing everything in your dishwasher. As long as the kit’s packaging says it’s dishwasher-friendly, you shouldn’t have any issues running it through a hot or cold cycle.

Strainers: Use a Sponge

Your strainer catches things like muddled mint leaves and fruit pulp, which makes it a bit trickier to wash. Use a sponge to gently scrub the lingering food from the straining mesh. It may take a few repeated rounds of rinsing and scrubbing, but your sponge will better clean the strainer than the dishwasher’s spray nozzles.

Muddlers: Use Any Dishwashing Method

The rounded tips on muddlers are easy to wipe clean with a sponge. Ensure yours doesn’t have any ingredient particles on it before putting it in your dishwasher or washing it by hand. As long as the water temperature reaches 165–180 degrees Fahrenheit, it’ll sanitize your muddler so it’s ready for your next cocktail night.

A person pours a red cocktail solution out of a stainless steel shaker into a short glass with a large square ice cube. Greenery and fairy lights surrounds the glass. Lemons and an empty glass sit in the background.

Level Up Your Mixology Skills This Week

Stocking your kitchen with a cocktail-making kit could be the next step in your mixology journey. Look into different styles and compare the supplies they offer. You’ll have everything you need to make whatever cocktails you haven’t tried yet, making it easier to explore your passions in the comfort of your home.

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