How to Check the Quality of Clothes

Featured-How to Check Quality of Clothes

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It’s no secret that clothes can be pricey, especially when you want to add quality pieces to your wardrobe. But not all garments are made the same, so you need to know how to spot well-made items while you shop. Let’s check out some tricks on how to check the quality of clothes and see whether you should hit “add to cart.”

1. Hold the Fabric to a Light

There’s a difference between clothes that are lightweight and clothes that are sheer. It’s nice to have a few thin pieces to wear on hot days. However, articles that seem overly flimsy are likelier to rip because they don’t have as many fibers.

Here’s how to test whether a shirt won’t hold up in the long run. Hold the piece up to a bright light with your hand on the other side. If you can see your hand’s outline, you might want to put the shirt back on the rack. That’s usually a sign the item won’t last over time.

Keep in mind that more expensive items can be sheer, as well. It’s not just discount clothes that feature poor materials. Try to check each piece you purchase so you don’t pay for silk or cotton that actually isn’t good quality.

2. Try the “Scrunch Test”

Though quality materials like linen wrinkle due to their composition, you can sometimes use wrinkles as a way to see whether you should buy a garment. Many low-quality clothes become creased easily. If you do a quick scrunch check, you can gauge the durability.

Grab the item you’d like to test. Ball a section up in your fist for 10 seconds. Does the area stay wrinkled long after you release your grip? If so, you should reconsider your purchase. Fabrics such as wool, cashmere and knit will be more durable than other materials on the market.

3. Check the Piece’s Label

For the most part, you can find valuable information about the quality of clothes on the item’s label. This tag will outline the textiles used, so you can see whether the piece will last over time. It’s also possible to find instructions on the label, which indicate how to properly care for the article when washing, drying and storing.

Remember that whether you buy shirts, pants or jackets, you need to keep them in proper condition. Even good-quality clothes become damaged when you don’t care for them correctly. Do your best to follow the instructions to the T to make your clothes last.

4. Think About the Weight

It can be hard to come by well-made jeans that fit properly. There’s a little work required to keep denim in top condition — but before you worry about that part, you first need to find a pair made with quality material. An easy way to check will be to see how they feel in your hands.

Often, heavier items mean better quality because they have higher thread counts. Therefore, you should opt for sturdier jeans that might be a bit uncomfortable to wear. If you buy overly soft jeans, you’ve probably purchased a pair with chemicals that were added to achieve that feel.

Look for a pair that’s slightly bulky and stiff, so you know they contain top-notch denim.

5. Look for Gaps in the Seams

Every article you add to your closet needs tight seams. If you pull at the sleeves, you shouldn’t be able to see through the seams. There are times when workers will place stitches far apart to save time and product, which impacts the quality of clothes. Be sure to look for barely-there seams aligned closely together, an essential part of how to check the quality of clothes.

6. Make Sure There’s No Glue

Thread isn’t the only product manufacturers use to connect fabrics. It’s common to apply glue to piece leather and other jacket materials together. If you needed to quickly and cheaply make several garments at once, you’d likely choose glue over all other products. However, you’d also end up with clothes that wouldn’t hold up so well.

Therefore, you should keep an eye out for glue remnants on items. Look specifically where pieces would seemingly connect, including near the shoulders and pockets. If you find an item that uses adhesives, you’ll want to continue your search.

Style Yourself With the Best Quality Clothes Possible

Keep in mind that fashion isn’t all about looks. If you want your clothes to last long, you need to know how to check the quality of your clothes. Otherwise, you’ll waste your money — and wear items that wrinkle and tear at a moment’s notice. It’s far better to take the time to examine their condition so you end up with both stylish and durable pieces.

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