Top 5 Loudest Bluetooth Speakers

a cute portable speaker

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You need the loudest Bluetooth speakers avaliable if you’re looking to provide music for your next outdoor gathering or party. While some are harder to carry than others, most portable Bluetooth speakers are lightweight and easy to carry with you wherever you want to go. 

Finding a loud speaker with clear audio can be challenging at an affordable price. Here are some of the loudest Bluetooth speaker options to consider in your search. 

1. JBL Boombox 

The JBL Boombox is a powerhouse. This portable speaker blasts sound with 30 watts of output, providing 100dB of sound. It delivers excellent bass for a speaker of only five kilograms. The JBL Boombox charge lasts 24 hours, making it the perfect speaker for a camping trip or overnight stay–plus, it’s waterproof. This speaker is fabulously priced for all it offers and is where you’ll get the most bang for your buck. 

2. Treblab HD77

The Treblab HD77 has excellent waterproof capabilities and delivers 360-degree HD surround sound. It has wireless dual pairing and is the ideal speaker for your next pool party. You can toss it around the pool and let your friends choose music while you chill. Don’t throw it in the water of course, but getting a light drizzle won’t harm it. The Bluetooth signal range is 33 feet with one of the loudest sound systems for a Bluetooth speaker. 

3. JBL Extreme 

The JBL Extreme portable speaker is another outstanding sound source. This waterproof speaker provides deep bass and produces a clear, powerful, loud sound. It has JBL Bass Radiators that amp up the bass and boost this speaker’s performance. This splashproof design comes in various colors and has a powerful lithium-ion battery. It has an echo-canceling speakerphone that provides an excellent listening experience.  It holds a 15-hour charge which is excellent for one of the loudest Bluetooth speakers on the market. 

A JBL speaker outside on the rocks.

4. Bose SoundLink Mini II

The Bose SoundLink Mini II is likely the best-sounding loud Bluetooth speaker on the market. It has a pristine sound that’s dependable and sturdy. The connection range is only about 30 meters, but the sound quality makes up for the limited range. This small but mighty speaker produces good bass and has a built-in speakerphone. It only has 10 hours of battery life, which is not great but not bad for such a small speaker. Plus, it has a charging cradle that allows you to continue listening as it charges. 

5. Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3

The Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 portable speaker is a more durable option than the other speakers on this list. It isn’t as heavy as the JBL boombox, but it is larger in size and charges quickly, with a battery life of about 20 hours. It produces sound at 100dB and provides outstanding tight bass. The sound distorts a little and max amplification, but every bass lover will love this speaker regardless. 

The Best Bluetooth Speakers

Portable Bluetooth speakers are excellent for producing sound with an extensive range that isn’t bulky or heavy to transport. Consider these options to take the party with you wherever you go, whether it’s the lake, on vacation or in your backyard. 

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