New Solar Gadgets Everyone Could Use

A pair of wireless headphones

As an Amazon Associate, Modded gets commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

As an Amazon Associate, Modded gets commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Solar energy is becoming more accessible with each passing year. It used to be too expensive for residential homes, but now it supercharges even the tiniest devices. Check out these solar gadgets to upgrade your gear and reduce your carbon footprint.

Headphone - solar gadgets

1. Urbanista Noise-Canceling Headphones

A nice pair of headphones can do more than improve your media listening experiences. It could also improve your hearing long-term. Research shows noise-canceling headphones decrease sound pressure levels, ultimately preventing hearing loss.

Support your health and the planet with tech like Urbanista’s solar-powered headphones for a small investment. They’re high-quality solar gadgets, so you won’t need to replace them anytime soon. The headphones also work with iPhones and Androids. Connect them wirelessly to watch TV, movies or listen to music. You’ll never need to find a plug when the 80-hour batteries get low.

2. Solar-Powered Portable Oven

When you finish choosing between hardshell and softshell jackets for your next hike, remember to upgrade your camping trip with a portable oven. You don’t need to eat chili from a can just because you’re enjoying an unplugged vacation.

The MrMapMax solar oven features a large capacity cooker for chicken breasts, kebabs or whatever you want to eat. Want to make stew? The oven can hold 1.5 liters without spilling a drop. The reflecting panels will absorb the sunshine at your campsite and use them to cook your next favorite meal without requiring an external battery.

Keyboard - solar gadgets

3. Logitech Wireless Keyboard

People often find that wireless keyboards have short battery lives. You might not have a charger while typing away at a coffee shop, but you won’t need one with the Logitech wireless keyboard. It has two solar panels above the keys so it recharges continuously. The model matches Apple’s wireless keyboards, but you can connect it to any computer through Bluetooth.

Bird baths - solar gadgets

4. Solar Bird Baths

People love Riakrum’s solar-powered bird baths because they simplify outdoor decor. Place the thin base inside a stone fountain or decorative dish. It could even float on a pond if you have one. The built-in solar panels recharge daily so you can sip your coffee while watching birds jump in the artful, spraying water.

Flashlight - solar gadgets

5. Buysight Solar Flashlight

Old-fashioned flashlights are responsible for many scenes in horror movies. Their batteries splutter out, leaving the characters in complete darkness right as the killer creeps up behind them. You won’t have to experience any fears with the Buysight rechargeable flashlight. Its charging panel is always ready to go, while shatterproof glass protects the bulb inside. There’s even a handy port for phone chargers.

Post lights

6. Fence Post Lights

When you want to illuminate your property, you have a few options. You could hang string lights along your fence or put path lighting between the bushes in your yard. If neither of those is your style, consider the solar-powered lights from Garden Sunlight.

The square, copper exteriors secure tightly to flat-topped fence posts. Screw them into place and let them charge during the day before seeing them work their magic after the sun sets. Your backyard will have a soft glow every night that doesn’t depend on traditional electricity.


7. IceCove Cooler

Experts recommend keeping your fridge at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower to preserve food effectively. That’s easy when you’re always at home, but what about when you need to take food on the road? Your campsite won’t have a fridge if you don’t use an RV. Your cooler should be able to maintain the same temperature so you don’t get food poisoning.

IceCove’s solar cooler does exactly that. It’s one of those solar gadgets with a panel built into the top alongside four cup holders. It maintains its own temperature, features puncture-proof wheels and includes a divider tray to separate your dry and wet food. Need to charge your phone while relaxing by your cooler? Plug the charger into the cooler’s USB port.


8. Solar-Powered Blinds

People are turning to innovative blinds for their in-home comfort. Cinoneko makes solar-powered blinds that fit most windows. These solar gadgets have panels that absorb sunlight whether they’re open or closed. When they have a full charge, you can press a button on the included remote to roll them up or down.

The blackout design will make your home extra dark, which is a significant benefit for anyone living near parking lot floodlights or downtown city areas. You also don’t have to nail the blinds into your walls. The non-drilling shades fit securely into window frames without requiring an installation expert.


9. HybridLight Solar Headlamp

Spending summer nights by the grill might be your favorite hobby. Early autumn nights don’t have to end your fun early. The solar headlamp from HybridLight ensures you can make your favorite grilled recipes even in the middle of the night.

Adjust the flexible headband to wear your new headlamp and point it wherever you need the most light. You’ll know exactly when to flip your burgers or rotate your bratwursts without putting a potentially explosive battery near your grill’s heat. Recharge the lamp during the next day for convenient, sustainable use. 

If you find yourself needing your uncharged headlamp last minute and it’s dark outside, don’t worry. It also has a micro USB port for traditional charging opportunities.

Pool fountains

10. Floating Pool Fountains

Transform your pool into the focal point of your backyard with DeeprBetter’s pool fountains. They charge with waterproof solar panels built into the top of each unit. Use a remote control to activate them and watch your pool water spray in different directions during the day. At night, the units also have programmable LED lights that turn into a rainbow-hued show. You’ll have extra fun around your pool without risking electric damage to your fountains or pool.

Discover New Solar Gadgets

Anyone can use these solar gadgets to upgrade their lifestyle. Whether you enjoy camping, hiking or grilling burgers at home, solar energy can help you get more joy out of your life. Imagine using this tech to see how it could transform your routine for the better.

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