Long-Distance Relationship Tips: 7 Strategies for Making It Work

Aug 22, 2022

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Long-distance relationships can be complicated — you’ve found the person you love and possibly want to spend the rest of your life with, but you’re unable to see them every day. Use these seven long-distance relationship tips to help you and your partner share love in the best way possible.

1. Set Dating Ground Rules

At the beginning of a relationship, setting ground rules is essential. This is one of the most important long-distance relationship tips you could follow. What do you expect from your partner? How can you two accommodate your desires? Ask these questions from the get-go to limit confusion and arguments.

The most important ground rule to establish may be exclusivity. Is it acceptable for you and your partner to go on dates and see other people? Some people are more okay with that than others. Establish your expectations early to make the relationship waves smoother.

2. Communicate When You Can

When people say communication is key for relationships, the term feels overused. However, there is a lot of truth to the statement. There are two kinds of communication for long-distance relationships — daily conversations and honest conveyances of problems.

When you love someone, you probably want to talk to them daily. Keeping up with each other when possible is critical. If you see a text or incoming phone call, answer it unless you’re busy at work, in an inconvenient location or need some time for yourself. If your partner feels ignored, they may start to reach out less.

If you or your partner have relationship problems, you can air the grievances on days outside Festivus. Communicate these issues early and avoid bottling up your feelings. Addressing problems soon after you realize them promotes healthy communication and boundaries between you and your partner, benefitting a relationship in the long run.

3. Know Your Partner’s Schedule

An essential part of a long-distance relationship is knowing each other’s schedules. What hours do you and your partner work? Do they have a consistent weekly work schedule or do the hours fluctuate? Asking these questions will help you get into a routine where you know when you’re both available to talk, video chat and visit each other.

4. Plan Remote Date Nights

Living hundreds or thousands of miles apart can still mean date nights — the pandemic has made virtual dating much easier for couples unable to see each other regularly. A movie night will be a fantastic idea for a date if there’s a film both of you want to see. You can use streaming services to have watch parties so you can laugh at comedies, cry at tragedies and scream at horror movies.

Besides movies, you could go on walks, order food from the same restaurant, play games together and more. The possibilities for virtual date nights are endless with today’s technology.  

5. Take Turns Visiting

It’s a good idea to visit each other every once in a while. Due to financial strains, pandemic restrictions and work obligations, this solution is much easier said than done. Though, if you can find time to see each other, the wait will be well worth it.

Traveling to see your significant other in a new city for you can be a wonderful experience. If either of you has roommates, consider meeting halfway in another destination if you want some privacy.

6. Share Goals and Motivations

One of the most exciting things in a relationship — especially when you’re young — is seeing growth. You and your partner will see each other succeed personally and professionally and you should celebrate those milestones. “A rising tide lifts all boats” is an expression people use to describe economic policies, but you can use it for relationships.

When your partner succeeds in their goals, it means something good for both of you. Even if it’s a small victory like finishing a chore, you should motivate each other and take pride in your relationship and accomplishments.

7. Create a Timeline for Moving in Together

You probably don’t want to stay long distance forever. One strategy to keep you and your partner optimistic is to set a timeline for when you want to move in together. Start by moving to the same city and see how the relationship progresses if you wish to take things slower. 

Either way, deciding on a timeline gives you something to look forward to. Your goals will help get you through rough patches when the distance gets tough, but hopefully, both of those troubles are temporary.

Stay Intentional With These Long-Distance Relationships Tips

It’s no secret long-distance relationships can be challenging and it takes two special people to make things last long-term. Establishing boundaries, trust and constant communication are three of the main elements of any successful relationship. You can make this type of relationship work by following these long-distance relationships tips.

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