Great Gifts for Guys: The Best Aviator Sunglasses

Oct 11, 2023

Aviator sunglasses

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Aviator sunglasses have a deep-rooted history in American patriotism and perseverance, so the best aviator sunglasses of the modern day should have the same qualities. We’re looking for sleek styles, unmatched quality, top performance and innovations on the classic design.

1. Ray-Ban – Aviator Total Black

What’s better than a classic pair of Ray-Ban aviators in total black? This heroic heritage model comes in a classic pilot shape for guys who prefer timeless trends. Its polished black frame and black lenses are the perfect combination of hardcore and sleek. 

$221 from Ray-Ban

a pair of aviator sunglasses

2. Todd Snyder – Randolph x Todd Snyder Aviator

The best aviator sunglasses are a mix of form and function — why choose one over the other? This Randolph x Todd Snyder collaboration gives you sick bayonet-style temples and a twice-baked enamel top coat for maximum durability. 

The olive frame accents the American tan lenses for a hardened look. If military green isn’t your thing, they also come in 23-karat gold, gunmetal and black matte. Each one is made in America, plated with jewelry-quality metals and has a lifetime guarantee for maximum protection. 

$349 from Toddy Snyder

3. Sunski – Astra Turquoise Amber

Inspired by Tom Cruise’s look in Top Gun, this modern take on classic Aviator sunglasses is sure to appeal to most guys. Its brown stainless steel frame and Amber lenses look clean and trendy, so you can put them on for any occasion. It also comes in Black Forest and Turquoise Amber if you prefer a different color. 

The combination of a lifetime warranty and scratch-resistant lenses makes them some of the best aviator sunglasses around if you know they’re going to take some wear. Sunski even jokingly asks for the story of how yours managed to break, so you know it’s legit.

$98 from Sunski

4. Jacques Marie Mage – Peyote

These 60s-inspired titanium shades take inspiration from Hunter S. Thompson, an infamous American journalist known for his quick wit and connection to the Hell’s Angels motorcycle club. They have a matte black beta titanium frame featuring impressive burgundy detailing. The tropic gradient lenses come in a deep, dark orange.

Their most unique feature is a black tortoise acetate brow bar, a uniquely iconic detail for guys who love to explore the boundaries of style. These are some of the best aviator sunglasses purely because of their unmatched quality. Even at a glance, they scream luxury.

This style is a limited production, with only 350 pairs available in each color. The rose-gold and burgundy style is already sold out, so you may only have a little time to snag the others. The only other available alternate color for Peyote — silver fox — has charcoal grey lenses in a silver frame.

$995 from Jacques Marie Mage

5. American Optical – General

Named after General Douglas MacArthur — a WWII fighter who loved his aviators — the General aviators from American Optical look like they’ve been pulled right out of a history book. The teardrop-style shades come with a clean copper frame and brown lenses.

Other color options include a military green and sleek gray. All of the lenses are scratch-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about being rough with them. Plus, they have a chromatically tuned tint to help you see better, even on the brightest days. 

$265 from American Optical

6. Knockaround – Mount Evans

The Sky-Blue Mount Evans Aviators come with mirrored lenses to reflect your adventures wherever you go. Its square shape is a unique take on the classic style. The gold frame — made with recycled metal — has tortoise-shell detailing and holds bright blue lenses. 

If you want to wear something other than a striking ocean blue, consider getting another color. The Mount Evans styles come in smoke black, aviator green, copper, green moonshine and silver smoke. There are a ton of fun colors at an affordable price, so it might be worth it to get multiple.

$35 from Knockaround

7. Garrett Leight – San Miguel Sun

These shades are an angular take on the classic aviator style. They take inspiration from past creatives, and it shows in the design. The matte gold frame has an impressive brow bar and dark brown detailing. The matte black lenses look powerful. While the Tiger Eye and Antique Marigold colors are sold out, you can try your luck in the future to see if they’ve restocked.

$390 from Garrett Leight

8. ShadyRays – Navy Pro Polarized

Putting practicality above all else, these navy aviators are specially designed with a stainless steel frame, hydrophobic coating, shatter resistance, scratch resistance and high visibility polycarbonate lenses. Even without looking at its appearance, these features alone make it one of the best aviator sunglasses.

This style’s gunmetal frame looks right at home with dark navy lenses and black detailing. Its subtle brow bar adds a lot to the simple shape, giving it a unique and clean feel. Plus, since it has a limited lifetime warranty, you can get a replacement if you lose or break your shades. 

$68 from ShadyRays

9. Suncloud – Aviator

This classic wire Aviator has a multi-layer mirrored coating for impressive glare reduction. The silver frame holds deep blue lenses with an interesting oil-slick shine. It’s a unique look at an unbeatable price, making it one of the best aviator sunglasses around. If you’d rather wear green gray, silver or brown, this style comes in each color. 

$59.95 from Suncloud

10. Lenskart – Gunmetal Green Full-Rim Aviator

The Vincent Chase Gunmetal Green Aviators from Lenskart have an exclusive style. It comes with a unique full rim for maximum glare protection and visual appeal. The subtle steampunk influences blend well with the heroic aviator shape, which is perfect for guys who are trendsetters.

The stainless steel frame comes in a powerful gunmetal green, while the lenses have a sleek grey gradient. Other colors in this style include blackout and brown gradient. Everything’s covered by a one-year warranty, so don’t feel like you need to handle them with care.

$59 from Lenskart

Seek the Best

There are so many options when it comes to aviators, so you have the luxury of having nearly endless choices. However, this list should be your go-to if you’re looking for the absolute best of the best since these innovative designs center around performance and style.

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