The Best Coffee Cocktails to Make or Order

Nov 14, 2022


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Coffee connoisseurs and cocktail enthusiasts alike can enjoy an excellent mixed drink with coffee. The notes each alcohol can contain mixed with the roasted beans create some delightful flavors when a skilled hand mixes them. Luckily, this is a list of some of the best coffee cocktails you can make at home or look out for on a menu.

If you have a shaker, a glass and some ice, you’re ready to become your own mixologist. Here are five of the best coffee cocktails for at-home enjoyment or delightful restaurant sipping.

1. Kahlúa Midnight Coffee Cocktail

Kahlúa already has coffee in it, so it naturally pairs with the brewed beverage. While the classic liqueur is a bit sweeter, Kahlúa Midnight is rum and black coffee. Those who find the original too much for their tastebuds could enjoy this more-bitter mix in their coffee cocktail.

To make it, you’ll first need six ounces of coffee — whether it’s hot or cold is up to you. Pour it into a glass, then add one half ounce of whiskey, one ounce of Irish cream and one ounce of the Kahlúa Midnight. Combine it all by mixing with a spoon and add on your favorite toppings.

2. Iced Coffee Margarita

If you and your friends love brunch, then you’re going to need an iced coffee margarita at your next get-together. It’s an easy drink to make while still combining the best parts of cold coffee and a margarita. While the combination of lemon and coffee may sound odd, it could become your next favorite drink.

Start by rimming two glasses with honey and dipping them in a mixture of one tablespoon of sugar and another tablespoon of ground coffee. Then, fill each glass with ice and add a cup of cold coffee and one and a half ounces of tequila. Mix to combine, then add a lemon-peel twist to finish off one of the best coffee cocktails.

3. Coffee Buzz Martini

Martinis are typically rather alcohol-heavy cocktails and this recipe is no different. However, the blend of coffee, simple syrup and half and half ease the burn for luxurious sipping. You can even rim the glass with white chocolate shavings if you want to elevate the experience.

To a shaker, add ice, two ounces of vodka, half a cup of coffee, one and one-half ounces of Baileys and Kahlúa each, one ounce of half and half and another of simple syrup. Shake this until combined and chilled, then pour it into two martini glasses. If you love a garnish, add three coffee beans to each drink.

4. Cold Brew Bourbon Cocktail

Bourbon and coffee lovers, rejoice — there is a way to combine your two favorite drinks. This is one of the best coffee cocktails because it’s almost like an Old Fashioned. While you are adding quite a few things that aren’t in the classic drink, it’s a fairly close match if you want to mix your standard Old Fashioned up.

First, add a half ounce of maple syrup and triple sec respectively, one and one-quarter ounces of bourbon and two and one-half ounces of cold brew to a shaker with ice. Shake it vigorously to mix, then strain it into a glass with ice and top with an ounce of heavy cream. Garnish with an orange peel and you’re ready to enjoy.

5. Frothy Whipped Coffee White Russian

If you want to make a showstopper of a cocktail, then look no further than the whipped coffee White Russian. The layers of liquid topped with that incredible frothy coffee make for an eye-catching drink you just might love.

To start, mix a tablespoon each of honey, hot water and instant coffee. Whip this combination for three minutes or until it’s fluffy. Then, add ice, a dash of vanilla extract, one and a half ounces of Kahlúa and two ounces of vodka to a glass. Pour one or two ounces of milk on top, stirring to combine if you wish. Top it off with the whipped coffee to finish your incredible drink.

Enjoy the Best Coffee Cocktails

Adding some coffee to your mixed drink of choice creates an incredible flavor profile. The roast of the beans is often a perfect match for smokier and sweeter alcohols. Try out some of the best coffee cocktails today to take your drink to the next level.

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