Feeling Like Fabio: 6 Tips for Growing Hair Long


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Hair is one of those things you might not appreciate until it’s gone. The follicles on your head do wonders for your looks and confidence, creating unique styles and expressing your personality. Growing your hair may seem simple, but it can be a long process. If you want fast hair growth, you may be able to help yourself. Let’s explore tips for growing hair as a man.

The Best Tips for Growing Hair

First, let’s talk about the methods that work. These six tips demonstrate the best tips for growing hair, using scientific research when applicable. 

Consider Essential Oils

You may have to be unorthodox and look in odd places to get the best hair growth tips. For example, some people use essential oils to get the job done. Essential oils make you think of pleasant scents throughout the home and in your laundry. How can you correlate the two? What do these products do besides make your hair smell good?

Essential oils can be effective in hair growth, although the research has yet to be definitive. A 2021 Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology study finds cosmeceuticals with essential oils helped topical activity. Also, some essential oils intensify hair brightness and hair color. If you’re curious about hair growth remedies, consider products with essential oils to get started.  

Eat Enough Protein

Like essential oils, you might not associate protein with hair growth. While it affects your muscle growth after workouts, protein is necessary for your body. It gives you energy, helps your immune system and directs nutrients around the body. Additionally, protein is vital for your body’s endocrine system, controlling your hair, skin and nails.

While you should focus on all your macronutrients, protein is significant for your diet. Try incorporating high-protein dishes in every meal of the day, even breakfast. For example, try a Greek yogurt bowl with granola, fruit and honey for a satisfying breakfast. You won’t grow a mullet with one bowl, but the protein uptick will help your hair growth. 

Research backs protein and its positive effects on hair growth. A 2020 CellPress study examines the relationship between the two. It concludes protein synthesis is crucial in cell expansion in root hairs. 

Try Dietary Supplements

Man with long hair looks at the sky while walking in the forest

Natural hair growth is the preferred method for achieving movie star looks. However, it might only sometimes be attainable. Some guys can’t grow hair fast or find themselves limited in how long it grows. In these situations, you should consider dietary supplements. Some products boost your vitamin C, zinc and iron levels and most directly affect your hair growth. Consult a physician or specialist before knowing what’s right for you.

If dietary supplements are safe for you, they can be effective. A 2020 Institute for Experimental Dermatology study examines what complex supplements do for your hair. While these supplements are geared to treat hair loss, they can be suitable for ensuring adequate hair growth on your head. The researchers concluded complex dietary supplements provided positive results and encouraged more research in the future. 

Add Caffeine

Caffeine gives you the energy to kickstart your day (or night if you burn the midnight oil). In fact, your pre-workout powder likely contains caffeine as one of its active ingredients. Did you know caffeine can also greatly impact your hair growth? Chugging gallons of coffee, tea and soda won’t be necessary here. However, they are solid tips for hair growth remedies in men. 

Let’s look at a Journal of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery study from 2020. This examination reviews the relationship between caffeine use and dermatology. The researchers conclude caffeine is a potential treatment for skin and hair disorders. Specifically, caffeine helps treat hair loss and assists those with rosacea and skin cancer. 

Trim Occasionally 

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Cutting your hair to help it grow. That statement sounds crazy, but it can be effective for your style. If your hair grows, you’ll want it to look groomed and well-kept throughout the process. Getting occasional trims will add texture and style while you add textures and control your layers. You may also need a periodic haircut to eliminate split ends and any damage to your hair. 

Change Your Styling Routine

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Guys with short hair may be used to their grooming routine. This process probably entails using a comb and some hair gel, then getting on with your day. However, growing your hair will require a few more minutes of maintenance. With your comb, you’ll also need a brush and different hair products. For example, some guys use a volumizer or styling spray once their hair gets long. Find the one that smells the best so your partner enjoys how your hair smells.

Tips for Growing Hair You Should Avoid

Growing long hair can be a curious experience if you’re doing it for the first time. Some people will give you tips for growing hair that don’t bear fruit. Here are three examples you shouldn’t listen to.

Don’t Use Conditioner

Conditioners may seem like a product exclusive to women. However, it will become necessary during your hair growth process. Conditioner is essential because it keeps your hair hydrated and voluminous. This product provides critical nutrients while maintaining a soft head of hair. 

Shampoo Your Hair Daily

Conditioner should be part of your shower routine. However, shampoo doesn’t have to be. Going without shampooing your hair may feel odd at first, but it can damage your hair by drying it out. After applying shampoo, your body thinks it needs more oil on the scalp despite not being the case. Shampoo can be destructive for your hair by ridding the natural oils, so stick to using it only a few times weekly. As for your conditioner, you should use that every time.

Blow Dry Your Hair

If you’re in a hurry, you may feel tempted to blow dry your hair. However, this tactic can be counterintuitive for getting good style in your hair. Heat is generally unsuitable for guys with longer hair because it inhibits them from showing off their locks in their best way. Stick to air drying instead and let your hair breathe. If necessary, take a shower earlier to ensure your long hair has a chance to dry completely.

Tips for Growing Hair As a Long-Haired Guy

Growing long hair can dramatically change how people see you — most of the time, it’s for the better! Long locks make you look like a movie star. However, the road to get there may be challenging. Use these tips for growing hair and avoid the myths to ensure you get that flowing mane like Fabio.

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