Fun Hobbies for Men That Make Money


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If you have extra time on your hands and want to make money, turning a hobby into a small business can be an excellent way to do it. You don’t have to quit your day job, either. All you have to do is find something you enjoy and find a way to sell it. Whether walking dogs or taking photos, there’s a market for your passions. Here are a few fun hobbies for men you might enjoy.

1. Refereeing 

If you’ve ever found yourself watching football and making all the calls before the refs do, you may be cut out to referee. Boxing, soccer, football, basketball and hockey all rely on referees to keep players in line and oversee the game.

While you won’t make the $201,000 that NFL officials do each year, you could easily walk away with $20 to $100 per game depending on the level of competition. 

2. Coaching

Similarly, sports lovers might also consider coaching at an elementary or high school. As long as you have basic knowledge of the sport and a passion for the game, you can coach.

If you’re more of a gym rat and would love to share your tips and know-how with others, consider becoming a personal coach or trainer. Then, you can help others reach their fitness goals and make some money doing it. 

3. Dog Walking or Training

Are you a dog person? Regardless of whether you have a fluffy friend of your own, you can make some pretty good money from walking other peoples’ dogs.

Use an app like Rover or Wag to find owners in the area or start your own business. You might also consider training others’ pooches. Read up on how to train dogs and start your own side hustle.  

Dog walking, one of the hobbies for men that make money.

4. Baking

If you’d rather spend time in the kitchen baking cookies, you can turn this delicious hobby into a money-maker, too. Instead of eating all those desserts yourself or giving them away to friends and family, consider selling your treats. Start small and only bake for those you know personally.

Then, if your treats are popular, you might turn this hobby into a full-time job. Always certify your kitchen and baked goods through your local health department first. Baking is one of those easy fun hobbies for men that you can turn into a side hustle quickly.

5. Blogging

Starting a blog is quite easy as long as you have a subject you love to write about. For example, if you love trying out new flavor combinations in your smoker, begin a blog to share your favorite recipes.

Create your own website for free through a platform like WordPress and start typing away. Before too long, you’ll have the opportunity to add advertising arrangements and share deals with readers, making money in the process. 

6. Graphic Design

There’s certainly a niche for graphic designers right now. From making stickers for the local coffee shop to designing their website, there’s a need out there you can fill.

Consider creating a website to show off your skills and examples of your work. Or, if you’d rather sell products instead of services, you could design generic logos and designs and put them on t-shirts, stamps, stickers and anything else you think others might want to buy. 

Graphic design, one of the fun hobbies for men that make money.

7. Photography

Do you tote your camera along with you wherever you go? Love taking photos of everything from sidewalk cracks to sunsets?

Consider taking your hobby to the next level by selling your photos online and offering your services for cash. You can shoot weddings, high school seniors, engagements and more — all while making a few extra bucks and refining your skills. 

Fun Hobbies for Men? Do What You Love 

Any fun hobby can make some money if you can find a niche market for it, so don’t be afraid to be choosy. If you don’t love sports, there’s no reason to become a ref if you don’t want to. Use your baking skills or love of dogs to make extra cash.

You can also use your skills and passions to make money in numerous different ways. Sell your hobby as a service, product or lesson — like teaching kids how to play guitar. Your options are practically endless for making money off your pastimes.

Try a few different things, find one that sticks and start making cash. We’re willing to bet you’ll love every minute of it. 

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