How Difficult Is It to Become a Father?

Jul 13, 2023

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Some life events change you forever. You may celebrate graduating from high school, sharing your first kiss and getting your first job. Do any of these compare to becoming a father? 

Bringing a child into the world or adopting a kid brings enormous, life-changing responsibilities. Fatherhood is incredibly rewarding. Just imagine how it would feel to see your child get a Ph.D. or score the game-winning basket. Though, it’s not always easy. Let’s dive into how difficult it can be. 

How Does Becoming a Father Change Your Life?

Becoming a father changes your life dramatically. Here are five ways your world will turn upside down once you receive the news. 

1. Responsibilities

It’s already hard enough to take care of ourselves. Now you need to take care of someone else? Having a child means you now have more responsibilities in your life. You’re now accountable for another human being. These duties come in multiple facets of life. 

First, you have the responsibility of being a role model. Your kid will look up to you and mimic what you say and eat. Children are sponges, so they want to absorb everything you do and be like you. You are also responsible for feeding them, changing their diapers, bathing and teaching them manners. 

2. Finances

Another aspect of responsibility comes with your finances. Raising a child has become more expensive over the years. The immediate costs can pile up because you’ll need a crib, clothes, diapers and other goods. Then consider the long-term costs like college, cars, cell phones and other expenses. 

We’ve all seen how the cost of living has increased since the pandemic — raising a kid is no exception. Experts say raising a kid costs nearly $300,000 from birth to 17 years old. Fear not, though. We’ll talk about your finances later. 

3. Lifestyle

How fun is it to go golfing on the weekend with your boys? Remember those late nights doing dime drops and karaoke at the bar? Becoming a father means you won’t get as many fun times anymore. Lifestyle changes are a part of the parenting process. Your life revolves around your children, with those memorable nights becoming rarer unless you have a volunteer grandma volunteering to babysit.

You can still continue parts of your lifestyle, but you must adjust them around your child instead. Communicate with your partner about how you can fit into your church softball league or volunteer hours at the local school. It’s important to keep doing what you like, but you must put your child first.

4. Sleep Patterns

Getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult when you’re single. Now imagine how it is when you have a crying baby in the next room. Sleep patterns are another significant change for dads when they have children. You won’t get as much sleep, forcing you to get some shut-eye when the baby does. 

It’ll get easier as your child ages, but the beginnings are difficult. A 2019 survey finds parents of newborns get around three hours less sleep than the seven to eight hours recommended. It takes babies around three or four months to find consistent sleep patterns. 

5. Changing Priorities

It’s all about you when you’re a young, single man. How much money can you make? How can you get the coolest car in your garage? However, when you become a father, your priorities change. Suddenly, you’re more worried about others because of your new responsibilities. Having a child puts things in perspective like nothing else does. 

Maybe it’s time to ditch the Corvette for a minivan to fit your family. Instead of saving up for a new gaming console, you use the money to build your kid’s treehouse. You’ll be surprised at how much your mindset change. 

How Can You Prepare for Becoming a Father? 

Becoming a father is difficult — there’s no doubt. However, you can do tiny things to make the transition smoother. Here are five steps to make fatherhood easier. 

1. Research

The best thing you can do in your own time is research. Read books and articles about fatherhood, pregnancy, child development and more. It’s hard to understand fatherhood until it begins, but you’ll get a better idea and feel more prepared. Ask your partner about taking parenting classes to know what to expect.

2. Ask for Advice

Eight billion people are on Earth, and we all have parents. Ask fellow parents for advice because they have firsthand experience with what it’s like. You don’t have to take everything they say as the gospel. However, they likely have shared many of the same stories as you, so it’s worth listening to what they say. 

3. Organize Your Finances

Having a child is expensive in the United States — you hardly need a reminder. But it’s worthwhile to begin financial planning now. Start by calculating how much money you need to spend on childcare expenses and see how they fit into your budget. You’ll likely have to make sacrifices, but they’re necessary for your kids. 

If you’re financially able, it’s wise to start a savings account for your child to pay for college or another significant expense down the road. 

4. Examine Your Health

Loving parents want to be in their children’s lives for a long time. Having kids motivates many parents to examine their health and improve their lifestyle. It’s also important to set a good example for your kids by exercising and eating healthy foods. These changes may be easier said than done, but starting healthy habits now pays off in the long run. 

5. Prep the House

Babies are curious as cats. They like roaming the house and climbing in places they’re not supposed to be. Don’t underestimate your child’s ability to navigate kitchen counters, sofas and cabinets. Take time to babyproof the house. This process entails putting child locks on cabinets, installing gates in front of stairwells and covering up electrical outlets. You can never be too safe with your child. 

Becoming a Father Is a Blessing

Has anyone ever said parenthood is easy? Becoming a father is one of the most challenging things you’ll deal with in life. However, you’re not alone. Create a support group with family members, friends and others in your life. It takes a village to raise a child, so you don’t have to be alone. Use these tips to make your fatherhood a little easier. 

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