Fun and QWERTY: 5 Online Dating Tips for Men

Oct 23, 2019

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Dating has evolved in the 21st century, and the shift to online platforms is one of the biggest changes we’ve seen in recent years. At first, society was sheepish about this new idea, but not for long. These days, millions of people congregate on online dating platforms looking for love (mostly).

That doesn’t mean we’ve got it all figured out, though. There are still stigmas to overcome and an enormous number of people who are going about things wrong. You’ve still got to act like a gentleman online if you want to make any genuine connections. With that in mind, here are a few online dating tips for men.

1. Be Yourself – Your Best Self

It doesn’t take long in the online dating scene to recognize that there’s a lot of noise. Fake accounts and just downright awkward behavior are common on the internet.

If you’re looking for someone you genuinely identify with, it’s best to be yourself. If you choose to meet someone and immediately can’t speak to the things you’ve put in your profile, she’ll know.

2. Show Off Your Eyes

Pictures go a long way in online dating. Make sure you have a variety of good ones. One pratfall many guys unknowingly commit is putting up pictures of them wearing sunglasses.

It’s been proven that women respond better to images where they can see a guy’s eyes. Is that really so hard to comprehend? Rather than looking at some black polycarbonate, they get the chance to identify with the person they’re considering meeting.

3. Don’t Open With “What’s Up?”

Opening conversation with someone you’ve never met isn’t the same as giving a passing acknowledgment to your co-worker. You want this person to recognize and appreciate that you’ve taken an interest in them.

Look through their profile and find something that speaks to you. Maybe they like a show you’re interested in or have a photograph that was taken somewhere you’d like to visit. Have something to talk about. Don’t just ask “what’s up” or “how are you” — unless you don’t want to hear back.

4. Top Online Dating Tip: Grammar Matters

It’s OK to converse with your buddies in text shorthand, but it’s not appropriate here. If you don’t spell things correctly or use poor syntax, you’re flat out less likely to get a date.

Take the extra time to make sure what you’re about to send is well constructed. It’ll convey your intelligence and give you the chance to demonstrate some wit, which is always attractive.

Many women admit that if a guy fails to use proper grammar during initial conversations, they will walk away. English class was more important than you thought.

5. Your First Date Should Say Something About You

When things do make it to the point that you want to meet someone, don’t just pick a generic location. Choose a place that has some character and that communicates something you’re interested in, or that you value.

You might need to brainstorm a few ideas if you’re going to screen a lot of people, since it’s poor form to show up to the same place with a litany of prospective lovers. Then again, if you’ve got good taste, maybe the iconic location will earn you a second date with someone special.

Achieving Success With These Online Dating Tips

The answer to all your dating questions can’t be solved in five simple tips. However, these easy-to-follow suggestions can be implemented right away to get better results with your online dating efforts.

If you have an online dating tip you believe your fellow man can benefit from, why not share it in the comments below — or would that be giving the competition an unfair advantage?

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