Plan Something Special: How Much Does a Honeymoon Cost?

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Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, at least hopefully. Such a milestone deserves a celebration — like a nice holiday. How much will your honeymoon cost? 

The price can vary wildly, depending on what you want. Whisking your beloved to a 5-star resort via private jet will set you back an amount that makes all but movie stars stagger. However, putting together something just as memorable on a shoestring is possible. 

What can you expect when planning something special? Here are four hypothetical scenarios to help you estimate how much your honeymoon will cost. 

For All the Bells and Whistles 

The only true limit to what your honeymoon costs is your budget. If you have a bankroll and want to treat your beloved to the whirlwind getaway that many can only dream about, here’s what it might set you back. 

1. For a Private Jet

You don’t wait in security lines when you’re a VIP. Flying private is the only way to go, and it will cost you anywhere between $3,200 to $11,000 per hour, depending on your destination and plane size. 

2. For a 5-Star Hotel 

The best hotel rooms cost thousands of dollars a night. For example, a single evening at The Four Seasons George V., Paris, runs over $4,000. A night at Sensei Lei, a Four Seasons resort in Hawaii, is a bit less pricey at just under $2,000. 

3. For a Luxury Car 

Cars aren’t quite as expensive unless you go for a Bugatti, which will set you back a cool $20,000 per day. However, you can rent models like a Porsche Cayenne GTS for less than $500 daily. 

4. For a Fancy Night on the Town 

Some of the world’s most expensive meals can set you back over five figures. However, a modest estimate is to expect to drop between $1,000 and $5,000 between the limo ride and the restaurant. The fees keep adding up if you go club hopping afterward — but who wouldn’t want to show off their VIP swag?

For an International Escape 

Your honeymoon is the perfect chance to take that dream trip to Paris. Traveling internationally incurs a few additional costs you should factor into your budget. 

1. Cost of Passports If Don’t Have Them 

A passport book and card cost $160 per person. If you must expedite your processing, there’s an additional $60 fee per application. Although speeds have increased somewhat since the pandemic, it generally takes up to 13 weeks unless you expedite your application. 

2. Plane Tickets

A long international flight isn’t the place to skimp. A round-trip ticket from Philadelphia to Paris averages around $2,000 for basic economy. However, premium economy and up go for closer to $4,000. 

3. Accommodations

Here, you have multiple options for saving cash. International hotels and Airbnbs vary widely by destination and available amenities, ranging from $100 a night to thousands. However, you can also look into house swap services if you start early enough and find a willing family. 

4. Insurance 

Insurance is a must to prevent expensive headaches on overseas travel. Rates vary depending on your destination. However, the average cost for a trip to France is less than $400 — well worth the investment. 

For a Domestic Getaway 

If you stay closer to home, costs reduce further. Here’s the average cost of a domestic honeymoon. 

1. Travel Options

Whether it’s cheaper to fly or drive depends on how far away you are from your destination. If flying, you can save money by using your carry-on and avoiding checked bag fees. Ticket prices and rental car fees vary depending on available options and trip lengths, but here are some estimates: 

  • Economy flights: $250 to $800. 
  • Business/First-Class: $1,500 to $3,000. 
  • Economy car rental: $25 to $80 per day. 
  • Upgraded car rental: $125 to $250 per day. 

2. Lodging Options

Your lodging options also vary, largely depending on amenities. Most establishments follow the star rating system, with five stars entailing personal butlers and one indicating the bare bones. You also have Airbnb and VRBO, although the latter is generally pricier as it involves renting an entire house, not an ADU or spare room. 

The average price for a 3-star hotel is around $125 per night, although rates may increase in popular tourist destinations. Vacation rentals range anywhere from $25 to hundreds — it depends on the listings you choose. 

3. Things to Do

You want to have fun on your honeymoon, not spend every moment between the sheets. Plus, you have to eat. 

It’s safe to budget $200 for a nice restaurant meal for two, although you can certainly find less expensive, equally tasty eats. Event tickets vary but often run from $60 to $75 for less costly seats to $150 and up for front row or VIP. You can also find inexpensive outings like museums and many outdoor tourist attractions. 

For a Budget Escape 

You hardly have two thin dimes to rub together, but that doesn’t mean neglecting your beloved. Creating a memorable honeymoon that doesn’t cost a fortune is perfectly possible. 

1. Travel Options 

You don’t have much wiggle room and have to budget smart. Driving somewhere relatively nearby is probably your best bet. However, one pro tip is to run the numbers if you drive a gas guzzler. Would fueling up or renting an electric car for your getaway would be less expensive? Even a pair of electric bikes can be fun if honeymooning in your hometown, pretending to be tourists. 

2. Lodging

If you and your sweetie love the great outdoors, you might be able to stay for free if you camp. Otherwise, sites at paid facilities are often much less than hotels. 

What if a tent isn’t your idea of romantic — and you’d like a shower? You can also rent an RV for roughly the same price as a hotel but still save. How? Most units include a kitchen, letting you prepare campfire meals instead of going to restaurants. 

3. Things to Do

You probably won’t want to drop $99 daily to see the world’s most famous mouse. However, there are tons of things you can do for free or next to it:

  • Hiking: The most you might need is a trail parking pass at around $5.
  • Museums: Even if you can’t cover admission, most places have gorgeous manicured grounds perfect for a romantic picnic. 
  • Golf: Maybe you can’t afford a round on the links, but a bucket of balls at the driving range can be a cheap excursion for you and your sweetie at less than $10 a pail. 
  • Geocaching: A premium membership in this fun sport is only $6.99 a month, and you can use the GPS on your phone. 
  • Fishing: Many holes are free, but check if you need a license. The average cost is less than $50 a year.
  • Observatory: An afternoon of learning about the stars followed by a night of gazing at them is tres romantic and only costs roughly $25 per admission ticket. 
  • Bowling: You can sometimes find old-school alleys that charge around $15 for a full day of unlimited lane fun. 
  • Dancing: Who said you had to go to the most exclusive nightclub in town? Chances are you’d have a much better time at an upbeat local bar known for its live band and line dancing. 

How Much Does a Honeymoon Cost? 

You should plan something special to celebrate your wedding. However, you might scratch your head at how much a honeymoon costs, wondering what’s in your budget. 

The sky is the limit when it comes to your option. There’s something for every budget, so how much your honeymoon costs is ultimately up to you. 

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