6 Reasons You Need to Use Beard Thickener


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Men with beards love their facial hair — you don’t have to ask them twice about it. Guys who look like mountain men take great pride in their beards by using care products for grooming. How can you get your beard to look full like the movie guys? The secret is beard thickener. Why should you include it in your grooming routine? Here’s a guide on this product and its benefits. 

What Is Beard Thickener? 

First, let’s talk about what beard thickener is. You can find this product in various forms — cream, powder or wax. This beard builder contains ingredients like caffeine and panthenol to strengthen your beard. Yes, you read that correctly. Beard thickener contains caffeine, stimulating your hair follicles and reducing inflammation for a better beard.

Refrain from pouring coffee on your beard, though. 

You’ll typically find the product in a tiny bottle at local retailers. Put a few drops in your beard, and you’ll soon notice the difference. If you’ve never used beard thickener before, it’s worth a shot for beards of any size or shape. 

Why Should You Use Beard Thickener? 

Men from all walks of life rave about beard thickener and why it’s so effective. Here are six reasons you should pick up a bottle and try it yourself.  

1. Filling in Patches

Fellas, let’s talk for a minute. If you have patchy facial hair, it’s OK to admit it. I’ll be honest and say it happens to me, too. Patchy facial hair is more common than you think. Think about Keanu Reeves’s beard and Matthew McConaughey’s facial hair. They can’t grow Gandalf beards, but they’re successful anyway. Using a beard thickener can take your patchy beard to the next level. 

Use this product to cover up the patchy areas on your face. You may have those pesky gaps forcing your beard to stay separated — or your beard may be thinner in some regions of your face. Isn’t that frustrating? Thicken your beard and see the results change.   

2. Building Confidence

They say confidence is key. That saying may be cliche — but it’s true. Wearing a beard brings a level of confidence when walking into a room. You could be heading to a party full of strangers or just hosting your buddies for game night. Regardless, beard thickener is a necessary part of your grooming routine. 

Having a complete and thick beard does wonders for your confidence. You may be a guy who struggles with beard growth, so you shave it all off. Adding products to thicken your beard lets you keep your beard and feel more confident with your facial hair. Don’t shave your masculinity into the sink if you don’t have to.

3. Looking Sharp for the Big Shows

What do weddings, job interviews and graduations have in common? They’re all special occasions where you must look sharp for the big show. Consider how long your typical grooming routine is and double it for these events. There will likely be cameras everywhere taking pictures of the big day, so looking your best is essential.

Using beard thickener is an incredible way to enhance your beard for these special events. Putting this product in your facial hair hides your patches and thin hair, so the cameras will never know. Make memories that last a lifetime with your thick and full beard. 

4. It’s Easy

Think about your morning routine for your beard. You may start with a hot shower to invigorate your body and get your beard wet. Then you apply conditioning to soften the facial hair and ensure its moisturization. Next comes combing and trimming, if necessary. Where does beard thickener come in? You can easily add it to your morning routine. 

After brushing your beard and trimming, add styling products like beard wax and thickener. Put a small amount in your hands and rub them together — then apply the thickener to your beard until you cover all the hair. It only adds 30 seconds to your routine, so it won’t be a hassle. Most people spend between 30 and 90 minutes getting ready, so an extra minute won’t hurt you. 

5. Adjusting to Your Facial Features

One of our favorite things about this beard product is its versatility. Does your beard resemble Vikings from a thousand years ago? Or is your beard closer to Steph Curry’s? With a thickener in your cabinet, it doesn’t matter. You can adjust your facial features and make any beard look more natural. 

Growing a beard makes some guys look unkept if they don’t care about their facial hair. However, a well-groomed beard can make you look majestic and powerful. Using thickener for your beard can enhance your facial features and balance your facial proportions regardless of your head shape. For example, a beard thickener can add definition to your jawline. You’ll attract more looks when your face looks as chiseled as your muscles. 

6. Affordability

What’s the alternative to using beard thickener? Some guys elect to have beard transplants to strengthen their facial hair. This procedure includes taking hair from one part of your body and moving it to designated areas — such as your patches and thinner sections. Though, this procedure can be risky and pricey. This procedure costs about $5,000 on the lower end. Some guys spend over $10,000 to improve their beard game. 

Put it in perspective — a bottle of beard thickener costs about $10. You’ll spend more than $15 or $20 at most, but it’s still much cheaper than beard transplants. If you can afford a beard transplant, you’re probably on the list of guys with Ferraris and Lamborghinis. It makes sense for most guys to get a bottle of beard thickener at the store. 

Building Back Better Beards

Do you suffer from patchy beard syndrome? It happens to the best of us. Even guys with Abraham Lincoln beards must take care of their beards or risk looking unseemly. A beard thickener is one of the best products on the market for strengthening your facial hair and looking your best for any occasion. These six reasons demonstrate its popularity for guys worldwide.

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