10 Worst Cities for Parking |

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The USA includes a wide variety of cities worth traveling to. Unfortunately, difficulty parking is a common issue in many of them, often due to popular attractions or over-population. The 10 cities below typically have a lot to offer the traveler, but parking availability and cost are certainly not one of their finer points:

  1. New York City, NY
New York City Parking

Photo: Hemmings

I remember visiting New York City and, after many dollars’ worth of tolls and gas, realizing I also had to put down $35 for parking. Accustomed to cities with free or lower-cost parking, I was surprised for a second — before realizing both cost and availability are issues in most larger cities. For new travelers to NYC, it’s important to use a service like Icon to find and reserve a parking spot. It can be pricey, especially on weekends, but it’s well worth avoiding the hassle.

  1. San Francisco, CA
San Francisco parking

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Never-ending hills and small streets can make Frisco’s parking situation a nightmare. I found the city beautiful and interesting, but the parking — well, let’s just say trying to parallel park on a steep hill after hours of driving isn’t the best experience in the world.

  1. Boston, MA
Boston Parking

Photo: Boston Globe

As the fourth densest city and a hub of many businesses, it’s no surprise that Boston is much like its East Coast cousin NYC in that parking is best found through reservations and prior research. Finding a good parking spot in downtown during peak hours is close to impossible without some prudent research online beforehand. When snow comes, it becomes an absolute nightmare.

  1. New Orleans
New Orleans Parking

Photo: Kron

In New Orleans many of the streets are below sea level, which was a big issue during Hurricane Katrina, when 200,000 vehicles were destroyed. This frequent moisture isn’t the best environment for roads, causing cracks and sinkholes that reduce the number of viable parking spots and make driving in general a much bumpier road compared to cities similar in size. Be prepared for plenty of jolts.

  1. Washington, DC
DC Parking Ticket

Photo: NBC 15

DC is prone to car accidents, as evidenced by being the third most expensive city to insure a car. Confusing roads and reserved parking spots for diplomats and the like make DC less than ideal in terms of parking. When it comes to parking near the primary attractions in the city, be prepared for a bit of a walk. In fact, I’ve had better luck parking outside the city and taking the Metro in to avoid parking in the city altogether.

  1. Honolulu, HI
Honolulu Parking

Photo: Honolulu.gov

Hawaii can be paradise, but it’s also a parking nightmare. Costing around $42 per day to park, the island rivals cities like NYC and LA. In addition, Hawaii is second to California as the state with the most expensive gasoline, making car ownership in general a headache.

  1. Chicago, IL
Chicago Parking

Photo: Wikipedia

Recent advances in the city’s public transit system is a wise admittance by Chicago’s locals that their parking situation is indeed lackluster. Pricey and sparse parking is certainly an issue, but developments in the city’s elevated railway and other transit systems provide hope for solid transportation.

  1. Seattle, WA
Seattle Parking

Photo: Komo

Parking is cheaper and more available than the cities above, but Seattle actually poses one of the highest risks for car break-ins, which is something entirely else to consider when you’re parking your car in any unfamiliar city. Believe me when I say that returning to your car after a long day of sightseeing to find it’s been ransacked is not something I’d wish on my worst enemy.

  1. Los Angeles, CA
LA Parking

Photo: Wikipedia

It’s crowded and full of things to see, and traffic is generally always a nightmare. Is it any surprise that parking is a pain? A ZDNet poll found that LA ranked just behind NYC in cities throughout the world with the worst parking. At least we can feel satisfied knowing that there are many cities around the world with worse parking situations, at least according to that poll. Maybe that thought would make trying to squeeze into a spot outside The Grove not seem so bad…Maybe.

  1. Newark, NJ
Newark NJ Parking

Photo: Wikipedia

Its location directly next to NYC, in addition to the number of people commuting to the city from there and neighboring locations, can make parking feel like chaos. Newark and Hoboken are both popular living locations for NYC commuters, so both of their parking situations are predictably chaotic.

These ten cities all warrant looking into their parking situations before visiting. Doing so will keep you from wanting to tear your hair out while you search for a parking spot.