How to Upgrade Your Home Gym


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If you’ve been using your home gym since the beginning of the pandemic, it might be time to make a few upgrades. After all, you deserve a gym that grows with you, and that means bigger weights, better equipment, and more space to stretch and strengthen your muscles.

Here are a few ways to upgrade a home gym, no matter your goals or budget.

1. Parallel Bars

You don’t have to be a gymnast to use the parallel bars. In fact, you don’t even have to go to a gym. For about $50, you can buy your own pair and practice a whole range of bodyweight exercises.

Strengthen and tone your upper body with dips, push-ups, and v-sits. Engage your core with tuck planches and handstand pushups. Whatever move you pull on these bad boys, they’re sure to leave you sore — and swole — the next day.

2. Mobility Stick

Athletes often rely on a combination of strength and flexibility to prevent injury and stay healthy. Odds are good you’ve already got the strength thing covered, but how’s your stretching routine? If you struggle to warm up or cool down before and after workouts, add a mobility stick to your home gym.

This affordable tool combines joint mobilization, strength training, and active stretching to boost performance and speed recovery. It also increases range of motion to keep you safe, whether you’re into lifting weights or playing ball.

3. Training Mats

Perhaps you don’t need new equipment as much as you need new flooring. If you’re lifting in a garage or basement, that might mean purchasing some new training mats to put over the concrete. These mats can double as exercise mats, which are perfect for core circuits and landing jumping moves.

Want a DIY project? Make your own deadlift platform complete with personalized decals and wood stain. This option is comparable in price to purchasing a few training mats and only takes a day or two to complete.

4. The Mirror

The best fitness studios have mirrors so you can check alignment and form — and your gains — while you sweat. Instead of recreating the look at home with a panel of mirrors, settle for just one: The Mirror.

This teched-out version is stylish and sleek and offers users an in-studio experience from the comfort of their own homes. Check your progress in real-time and work out with real trainers in live personal sessions. This gadget is quite an investment, but it sure is worth it if you’re serious about getting fit in the new year.

5. TRX Tension System

Maybe your home gym doesn’t have the room for more equipment or you’re looking for a more affordable fitness solution. That’s where the TRX tension system comes in handy.

Get traditional gym quality without the pricey membership fees with a simple setup that includes resistance bands and workout videos that you can follow along with. Simply fit the straps over any solid door and get to work. This system is simple yet highly effective in improving core strength, muscle size, and body composition.

6. Adjustable Dumbells

Whether you have three dumbells or 30, your weights likely take up a ton of space in your home gym. Instead of upgrading to a weight rack, simply swap your weights out for adjustable dumbbells. Practice progressive overload with just one piece of equipment, no rack required.

Choose from Bowflex, PowerBlock, Flybird, and other popular sets that adjust in both large and small increments. Whether you’re a powerlifter or are just getting into weightlifting, there’s a set to suit your strength and fitness level.

7. Fitness Subscriptions

Maybe you have everything you need already and are just looking for a way to spice up your current fitness routine. If you’re bored and need a motivation boost, get a fitness subscription and try a few workout videos or live classes.

Nike Training Club, Heather Robertson, and Yoga with Adriene all provide free training sessions or workout videos. Others like Obé, Aaptiv, and Athletes for Yoga offer free trial periods before charging monthly or yearly subscription fees.

Upgrade a Home Gym One Step at a Time

It might be tempting to purchase a bunch of new gear all at once, especially if you want your home gym to look put-together from the get-go. However, the best way to upgrade a home gym is one step at a time.

Make small improvements as you change and grow, and only fill the space with equipment that supports your goals. Everything should have a purpose and a place in your home gym. That way, everything stays organized, including your budget.

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