Fun Couple Trips For a Weekend Getaway

ocean bay framed by trees

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Sometimes you just need a quick weekend getaway with the one you love to refresh and refuel. Weekend getaways never seem long enough, but they are better than nothing! Quick trips can be the only option you have for a fun little getaway with your boo. Here are some excellent ideas for some fun couple trips for the sweetest and most epic weekend getaways. 

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina is packed with southern charm and quaint bed & breakfast joints for the perfect romantic getaway. The Wentworth Mansion is the ideal palace to stay in to fully experience what Charleston has to offer. 

The Wentworth Mansion was rated the eighth best hotel in the U.S. Tour the French Quarter or ride in a horse-drawn carriage to travel back in time and feel like you’ve entered another era. Bond with your loved one over the history and magic of the area and marvel at the cobblestone streets. 

Big Sur, California

Big Sur is one of the most romantic places to visit with its beautiful beaches on the central California coast. Visit a nearby beach that contains a waterfall or one known for its purple sands.  Enjoy the luxurious scenery with the most gorgeous shades of water in the Pacific. You can also take a trip through the redwoods on a hiking trail and hunt for jade. 

There are numerous romantic resorts and fine dining experiences with ocean views that are worth the trip alone. Enjoy a guided tour of the most breathtaking stone lighthouse that sits atop a volcanic rock or take a dip in the ocean. Sand Dollar Beach is an excellent spot to surf, fish or just swim and relax for the day.

Estes Park, Colorado

If you’re looking for a more secluded weekend trip with your partner, Estes Park might be the best best. With captivating scenery and cozy cabins to rent, you will feel immersed in your environment. With nature surrounding you, you and your loved one are sure to make countless memories and have many bonding moments over such an experience. 

There’s nothing quite like chilling in a private hot tub or jacuzzi while looking out over a vast mountain range or serene river. Viewing roaming wildlife is also a wonderful sight. Horseback riding is another amazing experience you can enjoy in Estes Park. If you visit in the winter months, you can snuggle up by a cozy fireplace and enjoy the view from a cabin nestled in the woods. How more romantic can it get?

Kennebunkport, Maine

This coastal town is located in southern Maine and is perfect for a weekend getaway! Experience whale-watching tours from different kinds of boats or embark on sailing excursions. There are many opportunities to go sightseeing and museums to visit, such as the Seashore Trolley Museum. 

Kennebunkport is located along the ocean and Kennebunk river. This coastal gem provides activities such as horseback riding, fishing and antique charm. Sea captains built many inns that have been transformed from fine mansions into luxury places to stay. Kennebunkport has something to offer you and your partner all year round. 

Best Weekend Getaways

Take advantage of one of these prime spots for your next mini vacation with your loved one. If you are on a budget, consider a staycation and plan some stuff to do in your hometown. Turn off your phones and give your partner your undivided attention. Although travel is food for the soul, sometimes all you need is a little bit of rest and relaxation with your favorite person. 

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